Tuesday, September 22, 2015

En Vogue

I love love love love En Vogue. They are probably my favorite girl group of all time. Of course, I grew up listening to Destinys Child because they were more my generation, but once I heard En Vogue- they can't compare even a little.

I think the first song I remember hearing is Giving Him Something He Can Feel. I listened to it for years before finding out it's a remake from the movie Sparkle. And I think their version is better than the movie one. I can listen to this one on repeat forever. 

Of course there's a bunch of other songs I love.

Whatever- Of course I love this, it was written by Babyface. And I love this music video.

Free Your Mind- I LOVE this song. A couple years ago when I lived in Germany I went to the town carnival and they were singing this. I'm not sure the girl singing new what the lyrics meant but it was kinda funny to hear

My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)- They sound amazing live.

Hooked on Your Love-Another Sparkle remake

Hold On-Listen to that live performance....I'm speechless!

Whatta Man-This is Salt N Pepa ft En Vogue. Two groups I love collaborating.

Don't Let Go- From the Set if Off soundtrack. Once you hear this song it sticks with you.

You Are the Man- From the Soul Food soundtrack. I think Babyface wrote this too.

That's a lot of clips I posted...but I couldn't help it. They just sound so amazing. Every single voice was amazing. There will never be another En Vogue! Oh yeah, I absolutely love the makeup they wore. Like I mentioned previously the 90's was one of my favorite makeup decades. The makeup was just so flattering to their skin tones.