Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lazy "Beef" Hot Pot

I've been in the kitchen again, this time trying out recipes from Food Network. I came across a recipe for a pork hot pot...that sounded interesting. Only no one in my family really eats pork. So I thought I would modify it a little bit.

Somehow a little bit of modification turned into a lot. Well, not a lot. But I added udon noodles and left out the scallions. Oh yeah, we didn't have sherry so I used vermouth. I love cooking with alcohol. Makes me feel fancy.

I started off making the broth-which made the whole house smell delicious.

Then I strained out the garlic, ginger, and mushroom pieces.

Added my beef, mushrooms, and noodles.

When it was done it looked a little something like this.

The flavors were excellent. I did end up adding some hot water to it to reduce some of the salt (I didn't use low-sodium broth). And if I made it again I would probably cook the noodles first because I think it would taste a bit better that way.

Click here for the original recipe.