Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Workout Program: Harley Pasternak for XBOX

I have started yet another workout program. And hopefully I will see some results! The last time I did this program I lost 3 inches off of my body but I seem to be at a standstill.

I should probably up my protein intake. I know I'm not getting enough but I'm not sure what to eat to fix it. I refuse to drink protein shakes- most of them have unsavory additives. Plus I would rather eat real food than take some sort of supplement.

I eat way more veggies that I used to...I could probably still eat more, but veggies are expensive!

I still drink a ton of water, rarely drink juice, and I drink a lot of unsweetened green tea.

I've already completed three out of five of the workouts. I was expecting something different from the light program. I chose medium this time and it's kind of the exact same thing-maybe higher reps. 

The workout is not very difficult...probably because there isn't a lot of cardio. You warm up with a bit of cardio, then work your arms, abs, and legs for three sets. Then some cool down cardio. Actually the cool down cardio isn't that relaxing. And I really wish it had a stretching segment because if it's not included I tend not to do it.

I'm already sore, pretty much every except my legs. Overall, I'm enjoying the twenty five minute workouts. Actually, I think I'm just starting to enjoy workout out.

I'll report back once I've completed the program. Hopefully I'll have lost an inch or so!