Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Eric Benet

I'm not Eric Benet's biggest fan. He's just another artist that just doesn't do much for me.

Except for this song. 

It's the lyrics, the voices. It's just a perfect song. I could listen on repeat for forever. I was kind of bummed though because I couldn't find a good live version.

That's definitely my favorite Eric Benet song. There are a couple others that I like. But just like, compared to Spend My Life With You.

I Wanna Be Loved- Well...I do actually really like this one. It's a nice song.
Georgy Porgy-I think I like this one because it's throwback to familiar nursery rhymes from when I was little.
Loving Your Best Fried- Can't get any more trife than this song. But I do like it.

Still not his biggest fan, his music plays it safe too much for me. But if you haven't heard Spend My Life With You, listen!