Monday, October 12, 2015

My Experience Switching to Natural Deodorant (Primal Pitt Paste in Orange Creamsicle Review)

Just warning you in advance, this entire post might be "too much" information. 

Now that we got that out the way, lets get started. I've wanted to switch to a natural deodorant for years. But every time it was time to replenish my deodorant I just picked up what I always picked up. But at the beggingin of the year, I decided I was going to switch as many products as I could to all natural. And I've been successful for the most part. I use all natural soaps, lotions, moisturizers...etc. But deodorant is just a little more tricky.

Primal Pitt Paste claims:
Primal Pit Paste is an organic, all natural deodorant that actually works! Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor and organic arrowroot powder helps you feel dry while allowing you to still sweat and release toxins. These powders are mixed in a base of moisture-rich, antimicrobial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe skin. Primal Pit Paste Regular Strength is what we always recommend for first time users to allow their body to acclimate to the baking soda.
This product is hand-crafted to ensure that every jar only contains the finest organic products. NO Aluminum, NO Parabens, NO Toxic Chemicals, NO Fragrances, NO Soy, NO Corn, NO Gluten, NO GMOs--absolutely NO Bad Stuff!! 
Orange Creamsicle is our dreamy, creamy orange citrus with hints of vanilla!
I finally ran out of the usual and picked up the Primal Pitt paste, determined to make the switch. First off, the paste is EXPENSIVE and I hate spending that much on a deodorant. It comes in one of my favorite scents of all time, orange creamsicle, so at least that was a plus.  It does smell nice, except it doesn't stick around and the only time you smell it is when you stick your nose in the jar, so I'm not sure buying the scented one makes too much sense.

Anyway, the first week went fine. It really seemed to work. Even through a workout. I did reapply it though. It wasn't until around the third week when things started getting a little crazy. My armpits got so itchy/painful and uncomfortable. So I started to apply coconut oil before this to try and help cut down on the irritation that baking soda was causing. That helped a little but it seemed to cut down on the effectiveness of the deodorizing properties. My pitts were funky...we won't even talk about the workout funk!.Let's just say, I'm glad I work out alone in my room. The irritation went on for about two weeks before going away completely. 

Then suddenly it started to work again. The baking soda really seems to do it's job now. That's right in line with what I read about it taking about a month for your body to get used to. I'm happy it works better for me now, but I'm not happy with how dark it made my armpits. They used to be relatively the same color as the rest of me- maybe a smidgen darker. Now they are three shades darker. Not cute. 

Another thing I need to mention is that it is strictly a deodorant. It does not prevent you from sweating. To be honest I have about the same amount of sweat when I used conventional deodorants. Well, actually less because for some reason those make me sweat more.

I think I will stick with the natural deodorant thing. But instead of purchasing this again for another $10, I think I will try making my own which will save me A LOT of money. The marketing and the packaging is cute but it is very expensive for what it is. 

 Organic Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E derived 100% from Sunflowers

Now, I just need to switch my toothpaste and I'm good to go!

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