Sunday, October 25, 2015

Triple Chocolate Donuts

This makes the second time I've made donuts from scratch. And I will never go back to store bought again. They just don't taste the same!

Anyway, I don't think I've made anything chocolate-y this year, and every now and again a girl has got to have something chocolatey. The only other times I've made donuts they have been fried (so delicious!). I had never tried the baked kind

To be honest, they don't really taste like donuts. They are definitely more like a mini cake with some icing. But I'll take it.

I went out and bought a donut pan for these, so I definitely plan on baking more donuts so I can get my money's worth from the pan. 

This particular recipe I got from a blog called Chocolate Moosey. There are all kinds of decadent sweets on there. It's kind of hard to just choose one to make. But I went with the donuts.

These are amazing. They had a silky texture. They were super chocolate-y and weren't at all too sweet. And I got about 14 donuts. 

Easily the best chocolate donut I've ever had. 

I used some Kakao powder I got in Germany. But I don't think it matters much which chocolate you use. I did get lucky with the Chocolate Bar I used was on sale for half price. And it was fair trade! 

I "made" my own brown sugar by just mixing raw sugar and molasses. No need to buy brown sugar ever again!

Click here for the recipe.