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Holiday Palettes 2015

Random: Adele came out with her new single "Hello" yesterday, and I have had it on repeat! I have been waiting forever for her to come out with a new CD. To be honest, I wasn't even sure she was going to. Anyway, if you haven't heard, go give it a listen!

 It's the holiday season and there have been so many new holiday palettes that have hit the shelves. If you read my blog, you know I chose Vice 4 this season. But it was after viewing quite a few reviews/swatches of the other palettes. I just felt like giving my two cents on the new palettes...and why I felt like I could skip them over. A lot of it has to do with my "budget" this year for makeup. I didn't want to go over $100 on makeup this year...and so far I'm in my range. So that means no more palettes for me but it's not like I need anymore anyway.

1. Lorac Mega Pro 2 $60 - Lorac has never been on my radar, until recently. I remember watching a couple of reviews on the mega palette from last year and I liked a couple shades from it. But Lorac just has too many light cream/champagne shades in it. If they had one or two I would probably want it more. But those light shades deter me. I love the Tangerine, Melon, Goji, and Forest colors though. But ultimately those are the only shades I want. Choosing this as my Holiday palette purchase would not have made sense at all. I do still want to try out Loracs much raved about shadows and will probably pick up Lorac Unzipped next year. That's if I can't use up about six shades in my collection. Of course, that's going to take me forever....but it's the only way I can justify more shadow at this point. 

2. Smashbox Art. Love. Master Class Palette-I have two Smashbox palettes that don't get enough love from me as it I'm not really interested in another palette from the brand. But this one is pretty cool because in addition to shadows, it has blushes. I was actually really interest in the blushes because they are colors I don't have. As for shadows, it has some pretty shades. There are even some really nice bright shades thrown in, and I do like Smash box shadows for the most part. But some are repeat shades I already have. For $65, it didn't have enough to make me really want it.
3. Lancome Audacity in Paris $69- Lancome is hopping on the large palette bandwagon. I've never tried any Lancome shadows before....and this didn't make me want to try them. The colors are a little too muted for my tastes, but for someone that likes more muted/neutral shades this could be an option. The price was a little too high for me also. It was created by Lisa Eldridge. I love her youtube videos and have learned a lot from watching her. If you've never seen her videos they are definitely worth checking out.

4. Tarte Light of the Party Collector's Case $59- I've never tried anything from Tarte. Their shadows are just a little too neutral for my tastes. This is no exception. Plus the packaging is very...bulky. There's a smaller to go palette, but the larger one just seems like it would be a pain in the butt to use. I love the design on the outside though. They also have a blush palette, but the colors just don't appeal to me. If they had put a purple or a coral it may have appealed to me more. 
5. Too Faced Le Grand Chateau $49-  While the packaging looks nice on this, it's way to bulky and would just end up in the closet somewhere. The colors are pretty muted in this...the only fun color is the purple. The blushes and bronzers look pretty blah. And overall I haven't heard the greatest reviews on it. Seems maybe Too Faced skipped out on quality for this one. The Ulta version is supposed to be a bit better. And I have heard a lot of raves for the Stardust palette, and while it may be higher quality the colors just aren't doing much for me. They all come in cardboard packaging and I prefer some sort of tin or plastic packaging overall. 

6. Makeup Forever Artist Shadow Palette $59- I have been wanting to try some of the Artist shadows too...and a palette is the best way to do it. It has a couple shades I would love to get my hands on, but ultimately I would prefer to pick my own shades from Makeup Forever. The design really reminds me of the Rocky Horror collection from MAC last year. To be honest I don't really like it. When I saw it in a video review, I thought the reviewer had just took a sticker and stuck it on. If I ever finish at least two of my older shades from them, I will try out some of the newer formula. (I probably never will though, great way of preventing myself from purchasing more shades I probably won't use!)
7. Stila A Whole Lot of Love Set $59- It has some pretty colors- but I have some Stila Shadows that I don't really like much. If I ever used those up, MAYBE I would buy another Stila palette. But for now, Stila is a no go for me. 

8. Nars the Narcissist Palette $79-  I have a decent collection of Nars blushes but I've never tried any of their eyeshadow. Which is a shame because they have some beautiful colors. I've heard some people say the quality is not consistent from their duo's to the palettes so I would probably skip this. Plus picking a duo with shades I really want appeals a little more to me. About 1/3 of the palette really doesn't appeal to me. And for $79 dollars those are not good numbers.

9. Urban Decay Vice 4 $60- This is the palette I picked up for the holiday season. I had a $25 reward on my credit card, and it was 10% off. So I got it for $32. Not a bad price. I love Urban Decay because they always have fun colors. Some are a little glittery and I have found some of them I have to use wet. So far, I'm really liking it.  I have done a first impressions/swatches on it. Click here to view that. 

10. Marc Jacobs Style Eyecon Number 20 $99- His makeup hasn't been on my radar either. The prices are  just so exorbitant. It is a luxury brand though. Only about two colors caught my eye, otherwise there are way too many light shades that wouldn't do anything for me. 

Of course, there are many more holiday palettes...those are just the ones I felt like babbling about today. 

HSN is having another special. They have a code for $15 off of $30 or more, so you could pick up your own holiday palette a bit cheaper(They don't have that much variety beauty wise but they do have Too Faced, Becca, Smashbox).  Or you could use the code for whatever! Happy Shopping!

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