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Urban Decay Vice 4- First Impressions, Swatches, Comparison with Past Vice Palettes

I'm really excited about todays post. I had posted awhile back about how I was thinking about buying the Urban Decay Vice 4. I kind of collect the Vice palettes and have them all except for the first one. I wasn't going to get it initially but when I saw the row of green and orange shades...I figured I may as well pick it up. Plus Sephora had a ten percent off promotion and I had a $25 reward cash back on my credit card. The palette retails for $60 and I got it for $32. If that's not incentive I don't know what is!

I've had it a couple of days now and at first I was really disappointed in it. The shades aren't as smooth, pigmented and creamy feeling as past Urban Decay shades. They are tweaking the formula and I kind of wish they would go back to their original formula. That doesn't take away from how beautiful and long wearing these are though. I recently started playing around with some drugstore shadows and was disappointed by the fading and creasing I was getting. Not with these! Maybe I just need to get used to the new texture?

I do want to note this is not a review- I haven't played with the shades enough...more like a first impressions. after having it for a couple days. I have worn some shades and will give my thoughts on those though...

Anyway, let's start with packaging. It's the sleeker packaging, the same as the VICE 3 from last year. I miss the push button on the VICE 2 but I do love that this palette is thinner. As everyone has been stating the packaging is beautiful. Some of it sticks out from the palette (not sure how to explain that!) and I'm afraid it might break. Definitely going to be careful with how I store it. It comes in a bag....which I recommend keeping the palette in. I used last years as a makeup bag...which is fine but my VICE 3 got scratches and a couple dents that aren't cute at all. Bummer. So this one is staying in the bag. 

Now on the the swatches. 

1. Bones (oyster satin with pearl)- At first I hated this shade. But it seems to have changed since I first swatched it. Now it looks like a pink pearl oyster duo chrome. Its the strangest thing. I don't think the camera is doing it justice. I can't wait to use it. There is nothing similar in past Vice palettes. 

2. Framed- (light neutral matte satin)- This shade comes in every Vice palette. The most boring in the palette. It can be used to highlight. Truth from VICE 3 is pinker. Habit from Vice 2 is more beige, Anonymous from LTD is more neutral. This shade feels really smooth and silky. It also seems to have the teensiest bit of tangerine to it. Barely noticeable when applied though.

3. Discreet- (Soft Dusty Mauve Matte) Another one I'm not too thrilled about. It's a light neutral shade with a hint of mauve. I don't think it will be too visible on my eye. Doesn't seem to be very pigmented- but I've not yet used it on my eyes. 

4. Bitter- (Reddish Brown Matte) I thought this was more orange when I first saw it. It is exactly how they describe though. I love it and theres nothing similar in previous Vice palettes. It barely shows in my swatch...but it was really nice in my crease. I will say the matte shades seem more powdery than past releases. I prefer the texture of the mattes in my Naked palette but these work fine too.

5. Grip- (Taupe Matte with micro glitter)This doesn't show on my skin hardly at all. It's not pigmented and it very powdery. Not a fan of it as of right now. Maybe I'll change my mind? For now I have drugstore shadows that are a lot better. Plus not sure what the point of the "glitter" is.

6. Fast Ball (Metallic Peachy Pink with pink micro glitter)- Very pretty shade but seems sheer and powdery. Seems like I will have to build it up but I'm not completely sure. I haven't applied it to my eyes yet. They love including Pink in Vice palettes though. It is different from Vice 2's Coax and Vice 3's Alien.

7.Grasshoper- (Metallic Emerald with Green micro glitter) I wasn't too happy about this one at first. I thought it might be too similar to Vice 3's Dragon from last year. This is more emerald however and last years is more grassy green. It has that rough dry texture but it works nicely. I didn't have any fading or creasing whatsoever!

8. Flame- (Bright orange with gold Micro glitter)Haven't seen an orange in a Vice palette yet so this makes the first one. And it's gorgeous. I used it wet...and it has the most beautiful golden/orange sparkle to it. It has that rough glittery texture though. I don't care though because I love this shade!

9. Deadbeat (black satin with iridescent micro glitter) -They seem very excited about this on the back of the packaging. It's just a rough feeling black with glitter. It works well for adding some smoky drama to your looks. I like it but I did'nt need another glittery black. I have Creep from the Naked, and Lovesick from Vice 2 which does that same thing. 

10. 1985- (Metal Fuchsia with Fuchsia micro glitter) - Another beautiful shade that's probably better used wet. It has some blue shift to it. I like it but it's very similar to Junkshow from Vice LTD. Junkshow is a bit brighter though. 

11. C-Note- (Frosted green with micro glitter) This one is gorgeous. I don't have any shades close to it. It's like a blackened Aqua color.  I can't wait to use it!

12. Low- (Brown matte with iridescent micro glitter) I already used this for a brown smoky eye. The silver glitter doesn't stick too much. I do really like the shade. The texture isn't the best. It could have been smoother!  Reign from Vice 3 is smoother and more metallic with a bit of copper. 

13. Beatdown- (Deep metallic violet with blue micro glitter)  I love this shade. It's the most beautiful purple/blue color ever! Urban Decay does purples very well. And this is no exception! Use it wet for the best effect!

14. Underhand- (Burgundy Brown satin)- A purple/cranberry shade. It's beautiful. Can't wait to wear this one either. I thought it might be similar to some shades in Vice 3 but it wasn't. 

15. Arctic- (Bright teal with tonal sparkle) This might be my favorite of the green/teal shades. So pretty!

16. Crowbar-( Black with golden metallic  pearl and micro glitter) I'm not sure where they see a black...this is a  purple/brown with purple sparkle. 

17. Pandemonium- ( Metallic plum with iridescent micro glitter) I love this one too. So pretty! Would be perfect in a fall purple look. Perfect muted-but not muted purple.

18. Harlot- (Metallic Lavender) Gotta love that name. This is a nice lilac purple. I feel I have to wet it to make it as metallic and pigmented as I like.I'm wearing it today but I don't think I paired it right. I tried it with blue. I think I'll love it more when I find what I like to pair it with. 

19. Roberry- ( Deep metallic brown gun metal) Kind of similar to Nameless from VICE LTD but I like Roberry more. It's a nice taupe brown shade. 

20. Delete- (Deep chestnut matte satin)And last but not least- Delete. A perfect matte brown. I love this! Glad they finally included a nice deep brown in a Vice palette. I feel like they rarely include this kind of shade in palettes!

I swatched these all on bare skin.

As you can see this is perfect for the glitter lover. Urban Decay makes the claim that there is less fall out and I certainly agree...although it also depends on your method of applying the shadow and what type of tools you use.

Each shadow is .03 ounces. To put that in persepcitve a full size Urban Decay shadow is .05 and costs $19. The price in this palette breaks down to $3 a shadow. Definitely a good deal! Of course mine is less because I paid a bit less for my palette.

They do include a brush which minimized fallout for me. But to be honest I'm tired of the Vice palette brushes. They've been including the exact same brush which is limited in its application. First off, it's very small and the packing side is too fluffy! And the side you blend with seems only good for detail blending. I really wish they would switch up the brushes! I have a collection as you can see.

LTD vs Vice 4

Vice 4 vs Vice 2

 Vice 4 vs Vice 3

So far I definitely don't regret buying it and can't wait to try out some different combinations to see what really works for me.  As you can tell from the swatches some shades I love, and other I wish weren't included...but that's how it is with most palettes. 

What do you think? Is this something you would get?

Urban Decay is currently doing a Friends and Fanatics sale so you can get the palette 20% off now.

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