Monday, November 23, 2015

Dear Makeup Companies.......

I thought it would be fun to post a "letter" to makeup companies as a blog post.

Let's get started!

1. Post some real swatches!- As a consumer, if I'm looking up a shade online I look up the color they have shown, then I open a new tab and search for actual swatches. Why not save me the hassle and post swatches so I can tell the finish, pigmentation, and what it looks like on skin?  For example, I hate shopping on because you can't tell anything from what they show. And while they're added, may as well swatch on all different skin tones!

2. Contour Palettes for...Everyone?- Not everyone is a makeup artist, although some of us purchase makeup like we think we are! I'm guilty of this, but I am trying to mend my bad habits. One thing I can't understand is the contour palette. I don't need contour shades for light or medium complexions. I don't need highlight shades for light or medium complexions. But that didn't stop the hype surrounding products like.....
That's the Anastasia Contour Palette. Unless you are a makeup artist,you probably won't use all those shades. I would rather purchase the refills...but the whole palette? A waste!

3. Rinky Dink Sponge Tip Applicators- At one point the only shadows I was buying came from L'oreal Hip. They put TWO sponge tip applicators in the bottom of every duo. Without fail, they went straight into the garbage every time. Along with cheapie brushes from N.Y.C and Hard Candy etc. Save the world some plastic, lower the price a couple pennies, and do NOT include them. Please and thank you! My finger does the same job as a sponge tip applicator anyway.

4. Foundation Sample Packs- I wish companies would make a little sampler pack of foundations. I hate shopping for foundations in the store and purchasing online can be almost impossible. Just make me a sampler packet with similar shades, that way I can try it at home and observe it in different lighting. It would probably cut down on returns in the long run. I know you can get samples in the stores, but I hate asking for samples. I would even be willing to pay for a sample packet. 

5. Give back to the People that Support You- If you follow some Youtuber's on snapchat or Instagram, you will probably notice some of them receive thousands of dollars worth of product. Sometimes they do reviews, sometimes the product joins a ton others to just sit in their beauty room. Why not have giveaways for the people that actually purchase the product? Or just someone that will get some decent use from it?

6. Reblog Normal women- I'm not on instagram much, but I noticed that companies have a preference of showing off the same type of girls with highly edited pictures. One company had the most plastic, non-human looking reblogs I have ever seen in life. Why not reblog a normal girl with not so highly retouched photos? Pores are beautiful, wrinkles are beautiful, SKIN is beautiful. Celebrate all your customers, not just a certain type!

7. Drugstore Testers- You know how you go in the drugstore and there will be opened lipsticks, foundations, shadows, etc. We don't like buying blindly. We want to be able to see and sometimes touch the products to see if it's the right color, texture, etc. Which is why some of the products are opened. I've definitely been guilty of that! I can't tell the foundation shade though the bottle and if there was a tester, it would make everything so much easier. I noticed NYX products have testers now and it's really nice to be able to swatch to see if it's something I want to buy. Now if all the other brands would follow suit. 

That's all I got! for now

What do you think?