Sunday, December 27, 2015

Biggs and Featherbelle Lemon Bar

My third soap from Biggs and Featherbelle. I wasn't very impressed with the others, mostly because the scent just isn't strong enough for me. When I picked this up, it was a little stronger so it went home with me.

Biggs and Featherbelle claims:
Thaime to get lemony clean.

Key Ingredients
Shea Butter:
Olive Oil:
moisturizes & easily absorbs, does not clog pores
Lemongrass essential oil:
refreshing, stimulating, clearing, lifts the spirits & tones the skin

I love the company, they make all natural handmade soaps that are local to me. They are in quite a few stores and they have a store locator if you want to check and see if they are sold close to you. Otherwise they have a site, but's it's worth checking around for prices. I purchased mine in my local Wegman's. They sell by the pound so I got a little over 3.5 ounces for three dollars and some change. 

It smells very citrus. Not necessarily like lemons but a mix of citrus fruit. From what I remember it smells exactly like Lush Sexy Peele. And I can actually smell it when I lather it up.

The lather is rich and very cleansing. It's not the most long lasting soap but if you keep it out of water you should be able to get over 2.5 weeks. Maybe more. I tend to use a ton of soap. 

Because I bought from the bulk section it comes in a brown paper bag which is very easily recyclable. If you order from the site, it looks like....

The ingredients are all natural.

Distilled Water, Saponified Oils (Soybean, Coconut, Palm, Olive & Shea Butter), Annatto Seed Powder, Vitamin E & Lemongrass Essential Oil

Overall, if you are a citrus lover-this soap if for you! It's all natural too, so I would reccomend this over Lush Sexy Peele. Plus it's cheaper!

Random: I found this ancient Bath and Body Works lotion in Moonlit path. This is the old packaging from 2000. Woah!