Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Holidays!!! (Makeup Gifts!)

I've been missing in action, but I did want to pop online and wish everyone Happy Holidays!

And post what I received for Christmas. It was all makeup related and I'm super excited about what I got. I know I mentioned I was on a makeup no buy, until I finish up a couple of things, so getting gifts is pretty awesome.

Makeup Books
Not too long ago I realized I was missing out on a lot of knowledge. I've never been heavy into youtube/instagram makeup. I love makeup that naturally enhances or statement makeup that is not too over the top. Which is what I used to be exposed to in magazines and ads. It seems the goal of youtube makeup is to have everything visible and over the top. For instance bronzer doesn't add a healthy glow, it just looks like an orange blotchy stripe across the face. I've already learned more from what I've read so far than what I've ever learned on youtube. I can't wait to read both books and do a review on them! Both books have gorgeous photos and make an awesome display in a makeup room/section.

Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin

 Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual 

2. Urban Decay Bittersweet Blush- I feel like I have a lot of the basics of makeup, so now I only tend to want things I perceive as unique and not very common. What's more uncommon than purple blush? This was a gift from my sister and so far I've really enjoyed playing with it. It's my first Urban Decay blush and I cannot wait to do a review on it!

3. Orly Nail Kit- This kit looks pretty fun. I don't have anything from Orly. I especially can't wait to play with the foil. Maybe pair it with a red lip? I'm not quite sure but when I do play with it I will be sure to post the look.

I also got a Teavana Tea set. I love my tea and have been without fun flavors to try so I can't wait to try them all!

Again, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday :)