Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blue Lips

I cannot wait for tomorrow. I'm making a brisket...and I have never made one before. I'm hoping it comes out good, because brisket is definitely one of those things that not everyone knows how to make. I made my own chili powder to season it with today...so I guess I'll see tomorrow. 

Anyway, I made another lip color. I was trying to make a really dark blue....this wasn't quite it but I actually love this color. I need to wear it out but I'm kind of nervous.

I used my OCC lip tar kit and mixed blue and black together.

Check me out!

I didn't realize I had a shed brush hair chillin' on my cheek. I added a bit of orange in my crease because I though orange and blue would complement each other. I think if the blue had come out how I wanted, it would have looked a bit better. 

Ah, well.