Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in 08 Grandest Grape

If you are a fan of American Horror Story...did you know all the stories are all connected? I saw one connection to the second season from the fourth, but apparently they are all connected. Now I feel I need to watch the entire series from start to finish. But I don't want to watch Coven again by myself. That one was probably the scariest one for me. I had all the lights on!  I remember explaining to someone that they are all completely separate stories but looks like I was wrong. But on with the review.

Clinique claims:
Tempt lips with a soft cushion of colour that's not quite sheer, not quite opaque-just the perfect happy medium. Loaded with mango and shea butters so lips feel comfortably soft and smooth. Ten vibrant shades in all.

Made in Canada

I hauled this forever ago. My mom won a holiday giveaway and I just kind of took this and claimed it for myself. I don't gravitate towards Clinique makeup. For some reason it just seems extra boring. I remember seeing ads for it back in the day and thinking the packaging was really unique. Nowadays every brand seems to have this packaging....Revlon, Nars, Covergirl etc. The packaging is really solid...and I like that I've had it for quite awhile and all of the wiring is still on it. It looks like I got it yesterday!

You get a decent amount (.10oz or 3g). When you first get it the tip is pointy but as you use it, it rounds down which can make it a little more difficult to get precise application. 

It really does feel like a hydrating balm though and doesn't dry my lips out even when it wears off. I find they wear quite awhile, and I only need to reapply after I eat. 

This particular color is a purple magenta. I love the color. I've gotten quite a few compliments from it so that's always a plus. It's not completely opaque which makes it a lot easier to wear and I think it will suit a lot of skin tones. 

It's not scented and I did expect it to be with a name like "Grandest Grape". It does have a smell but it dissipates almost as soon as you put it on.

The only thing close I have- I don't have many colors like this- is MAC Girl About Town, which has a lot more pink in it. I took side by side swatches anyway though. MAC Rebel is more similar.

They cost $17, which is pretty expensive. It is a nice balm type of product that's very easy to apply and pretty low maintenance (until you eat!). I don't know that I would repurchase at that price, I feel around $14 would be a better price. Not sure if I would recommend but I'll enjoy using it up!

I know I've posted this photo a couple times on the blog....but it best shows the color!