Saturday, January 2, 2016

Beauty Faves of 2015

I have been excited about writing this post since last years. It's actually my favorite post to write. I'm pretty hard on beauty products so it's nice to review and see all my newly discovered faves...and share them. It's also fun because some products I end up changing my mind on. Not often, but it's a nice surprise.

So let's get started:

The Body Shop Vanilla Brûlée Body Butter- I love almost anything vanilla. And this does not disappoint. It smells so nice-and it sticks around a little. I no longer use products from The Body Shop- but this was an undeniable favorite. It seems to come back every year under a new name during the holidays and it's probably crazy cheap now that the holidays are over.

CST Pistachio and Goat Milk Scented Soap- I found this soap at TJ Maxx for about $4. It smells HEAVENLY and leaves your skin so soft. It smells like Lush Snowcake soap, but better! Only con-not all natural. I have since switched to all natural soaps but would have a hard time walking away if I spotted it again.

E.L.F Complexion Brush- It took me years to try the E.LF Studio line. But I'm so glad I did. I love this brush. It's fantastic for the $3 price tag. 

Nars #42 Blending Brush- Now on the opposite end of the price spectrum...I love this brush. It was everything I expected the 224 to be. The 217 can easily do almost everything, but when I need a strict blending brush for the crease, this is what I reach for. And it looks so nice and sleek.

CocoCare Cocoa Butter- I love me some cocoa butter! Any brand will do, but I feel this one smells better than some other brands I've had. I have enough sticks to last me until the end of time and I highly recommend it. Make sure you pick up the 100% Cocoa Butter one though, some are mixed with a bunch of junk.

Badge Cuticle Care- I prefer this over the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream! And it's cheaper and organic (if you like organic beauty products!). 

Yoko Papaya Spa Salt- I don't think I've ever used a scrub that made my skin as smooth as this does. Only problem is I have no idea where to buy more. If this is available in your country,give it a try!

Dudu Osun Black Soap- This makes my skin feel so smooth and refreshed but beware if you have dry skin! If you follow it up with Shea Butter, it should make your skin very happy. Plus it's all natural! I need to purchase another and try it as a body soap.

Deep Steep Body Scrubs- It doesn't seem to matter what scent you get, they all smell yummy and provide gentle exfoliation with excellent moisture. I love these! If you haven't tried them, do so!

Aura Cacia Tamanu Oil- The scent definitely takes some getting used to, but the radiant skin I had in the morning was worth braving the scent. 

Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm- I love this stuff! It makes my lips moisturized. And unlike most other balms that seem to make the lips drier over time, my lips have actually gotten smoother and more hydrated. Good stuff!

MaC 134- So expensive! I never want to have to purchase again. But it's the BEST bronzer brush. It does shed sometimes, but it works so well I can overlook that.

Soapbox Cinnamon Soap- I wasn't sure about it at first but it grew on me. It has such a nice smoky cinnamon/oatmeal scent that is just plain comforting in the shower. Plus, for each one purchased a soap it donated to someone in need. Doesn't get any better than that!

EDIT: Forgot two things...

LUX Blackberry Sage- Who knew blackberry and sage could smell so good. I really need to get my hands on more of this brand.

Turmeric Face mask- A little turmeric, honey, and yogurt and beautiful skin here I come. Definitely try this is you like DIY.

And that concludes my faves of 2015. Not too bad. I found twelve things I would highly recommend and would repurchase-if I repurchased things!

Check back tomorrow for my...not so favorites! 

What are some of your faves?