Sunday, January 3, 2016

Minnie's Chocolate Pie

It's been awhile since I read the book "The Help", but ever since I read it I've wanted to try Minnie's Chocolate Pie. Not her "special" version, but the regular one that was well loved by everyone. The only pies I like are sweet potato, blueberry/cheesecake, and apple pie with ice-cream. I just haven't tried many pies that I like...and I'm not that good at making them. But maybe in time that will change.

When I was first reading about the recipe, I was a bit excited. The baker that made the recipe for the film made over 50 different pies and settled on this particular recipe. Of course, after reading that I had very high expectations.

Long story short, I wasn't impressed. I even tried making the recipe twice. I made the crust myself and baking it that long made it so much crispier...but that may have been my fault. The filling is the important part. And with over a cup of sugar it came out way too sweet. The second time I made it, I tried reducing the sugar..but the chocolate flavor just wasn't good.

It isn't a cute pie. I probably could have piped the whipping cream on. The whipping cream is homemade.

Overall, not for me. I would rather have chocolate donuts, chocolate cookies....almost anything else but this. 

Click Here for the recipe.