Thursday, January 21, 2016

MAC 242 Brush Review

When Adele's 25 album came out, I wasted no time downloading it...and listening to it. I was kind of skeptical that she could come out with anything that topped her first two albums, but I think she did it! There's only 1 (maybe 2) songs on it that I don't really like. Or I like them but I don't like- like them.  My absolute faves on the album are I Miss You, Love You in the Dark, and Send My Love. I want to listen to those three almost every day! Anyway, enough about Adele,  let's get on with the brush review!

MAC claims:
A firm brush shaped for the smooth, even application of powder or emollient products.

For powder or emollient-based product application. This brush has firm fibres carefully shaped to form a rounded edge for a smooth, even finish. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

I was very skeptical about this brush. One of my first eyeshadow brushes was an Ecotools brush in the same style as the MAC 242. And  I hated it! It didn't pick up and deposit hardly anything. Then I had a Urban Decay brush that I thought was similar to the MAC one, and I hated that too. I even had a mini L'oreal one in the same style that came with a L'oreal paint. Based on my experiences with those, I just knew I hated all synthetic paddle brushes. Until I bought the MAC 242. 
MAC 239, MAC 242, Urban Decay Shadow Brush

It actually picks up shadow and deposits pure color to my lid when I pack it on. It works perfectly with powders, creams, and pigments, wet or dry. It even works with concealer. I really like the 242 brush and I'm very glad to have it in my collection. I use it quite often. 

I do have the MAC 239, and while I love that one and would recommend it to anyone, the 242 is more versatile. I genuinely feel that I need to have both. If you could have one, I would probably recommend the 242 over the 239 because it's so versatile. 

It's easy to clean and look very professional. I've had mine well over a year, and it still looks that same as the day I got it. I do paint with clear nail polish over the lettering so it doesn't rub off. 

It costs $25, which is quite expensive for a brush, but I think it's worth it. Are there other brushes that apply cream, powder etc that cost a lot less? Probably, but I still think this one was worth it.

This, the 217, and the 239 are my must have eyeshadow brushes from MAC.