Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Macao

My very first NARS foundation. I have quite the collection of Nars blushes but I wanted to branch out. So after trying to match myself a couple times, I ended up taking home the Sheer Glow. I picked the wrong color, or it oxidized, and was a greasy mess after only a couple of hours. So I returned it, and got the Sheer Matte in Macao. I do realize that this formula is now discontinued but I figured I would still do a review for future reference or just in case you find any closeout sales and are thinking about picking it up.

NARS claims:
  • Sheer, matte finish with buildable coverage 
  • Improves skin brightness, radiance, and texture 
  • Evens skin tone and improves texture 
  • Absorbs oil and controls shine 
  • For Normal, N/O, and Oily skins 
  • Dermatologist tested / non-comedogenic 
NAR's exclusive Complexion Brightening Formula delivers proven results in 28 days
  • Minimizes visible discoloration resulting from photo aging and environmental aggressors 
  • Brightens and clarifies overall skin tone 
  • Improves skin luminosity/radiance after 4 weeks 
  • Skin becomes smoother and softer after 4 weeks

The most impressive thing about NARS is the range of foundation shades they have. There are colors for extremely pale all the way to extremely deep. I love that! And I really love how they chose to name the shades. All named after interesting places. 

When I first took home Sheer Glow, I had the shade Benares. I tried to match myself online. When I went to pick up the Sheer Matte, I narrowed it down to two colors and let my friend decide. I would have never picked Macao myself because it looks like it has a strong yellow undertone. Usually I pick a red undertone or neutral. Somehow, this shade works for me. I was very paranoid about it at first, checking under different lighting to make sure I didn't look crazy. There's something about the formula that makes the color blend in so nicely while adding a nice brightness to my skin. There was nothing mask like about it.

As for coverage, it's a medium coverage that can be built up. Foundation is only supposed to even out the skin tone and this does an excellent job of that. It covers up some blemishes but not completely..which is where a good concealer comes in. I only reach for the extra concealer on special days-and quite rarely at that. I love that it doesn't emphasize pores or skin texture at all. As for it's claim of improving the skin- I haven't noticed any problems with it. I usually pay no mind to all the skin improvement claims because I don't expect my foundation to be skin care. But like I said, it hasn't caused any issues whatsoever. 

The finish of it is supposed to be matte, but in my opinion it's just...normal. And it doesn't stay normal, it get's a little oily in only hours of me wearing it. And that's in a fall type of weather. It does much better in the winter for me...but I expected more.

One of the most important things I look for in a foundation is lasting power. When I review a foundation, I review it based on how it lasts on its own as opposed to with primer or a setting powder. For reference, I have combination/oily skin. It doesn't last very well on it's own for me. It starts to break down on my chin area only about 2-4 hours into wearing it. And in other parts of my face it gets a bit shiny and starts to wear down also. Powder can really help prolong the wear..but that's true of most foundations. 

I've used a couple of different brushes...and also my beauty blender. I favor brushes over the beauty blender with this because they give more coverage. The foundation is easy to work with. It doesn't dry too fast...nor to slow.

I almost forgot to mention packaging. It comes in a very nice frosted glass bottle with a sleek velvet feel NARS lid. It does not come with a pump- they charge extra for that. Not having a pump doesn't bother me, but I know many people prefer them. As expensive as the foundation is, it would have been nice if they included it free.

Overall, I love the color and how well it blends into my skin, plus how brightening it is. But I hate how quick it seems to wear off. If it was more long lasting I would love it!