Friday, January 29, 2016

Project Pan Update #3

It's about that time for another project pan update. And this time I'm actually early for it. I thought that around the third time I would be bored of it, but it's not as bad as I thought. Mostly because I hit pan on a couple things I want to share.

So let's get started.

1. L'oreal HIP Duo in Mischief- I'm pretty bored of trying to use this up, but I bust it out every now and again. I've used up a little more of it, but still have quite a bit more to go. I'm determined to use it though, maybe by April's update?

2. L'oreal HIP Duo in Showy- I touched this once. I mostly focus on using the black shade. 

3. Maybelline Pigment in Potent Purple- Again, guilty of only using this once. 

4. Makeup Forever Smoky Eye Mascara- Finished it up! Sad to see it go because it is an excellent mascara. But on the to next sample- Urban Decay Super Curl. I'll replace this with a Stila shadow in Copacabana. 

5. Too Faced Who's Your Poppy Blush- I hit major pan. I almost can't believe it. I was shocked to find the pan. And once I hit pan it seems like it will go quicker. At least for the center part. Not sure about the edges of the pan. Hopefully I can get that hole twice as big by the next time I update. 

6. Smashbox Lip Gloss in Pout- I just added this gloss last update- and already it's gone. I was so happy to see this one used up. I will be replacing it with Make Up Forever Shadow in yellow.

7. Revlon Colorstay Liner- Still using this one. Again, it's a bottomless pitt. 

And now.....I hit pan on two other shadows. I will be adding them both to my Project Pan project. 

Make Up Forever #2- I hate this eyeshadow. It cost the most, and its probably one of the worst performing yellow shadows ever. It has almost zero pigment and it's impossible to build up. It's discontinued now- and I would like to use it up. I use it very lightly as a setting powder. I only recently hit pan on it...and I can't wait to use it up. 

Stila Copacabana Eyeshadow- This came in an old palette. I'm not really a fan of Stila products. I used up the creme blush out of the palette and want to pan the whole thing-one day. For now I'll settle for using the satin white shade. I use it as a light powder wash before I apply shadow. It helps shadow stay on longer. I don't really like it as a shadow but I figure anyway I can use it up is good. Once I'm done with this I have a ton of other shades similar to this that I can try to use in a similar fashion. 

That's all I've got for now! I'll keep pressing on trying to use up some of this stuff that I otherwise never touch!