Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wet N Wild Mega Shimmer Dust in White Lotus Review

I've been putting off reviewing anything, mainly because I don't feel like taking pictures. Just having one of those weeks. On with the review, anyway!

Wet n Wild claims:
Super-fine shimmer for seductive, eye-catching sparkle.

Awhile ago I really wanted the Make up Forever Diamond dust powder. But I figured for how much it costs, and how much I would actually wear it, it wasn't worth it. So when I found this, I figured I may as well try it out. Wet N Wild products don't break the bank at all, most of their products are under $4. I think I got this for two and some change. 

I've heard of people using these for many different thing-eyeshadow, highlight, adding to lotion to make it shimmer and on and on. I tried it all this ways and really didn't like it for anything. 

Adding it to lotion doesn't really add much shimmer. It's way to white for a highlight on my skin tone. And as a shimmery eyeshadow top coat it just wasn't very impressive. I don't use it with glitter glue, I just pat a bit on. It usually disappears and fades in about two hours. It doesn't that look that great anyway. It kind of covers whatever color and makes it look like white glitter. I was hoping it would bring sparkle to whatever I put it on top of.

The packaging is not good either. Mine broke a long time ago It's just very flimsy. 

I almost forgot, it seems scented. I'm not sure if it's just mine, but for some reason it smells kind of like chocolate. Almost like the Too Faced Chocolate Range. But I haven't heard anyone say that....kinda strange. 

I will probably use mine up by throwing it in the bathtub next time I take a bath. 

Overall, I wasn't very impressed. Excuse my struggling brows....