Thursday, February 4, 2016

White/Off White/Beige Eyeshadow Swatches

I made churros yesterday...and they came out so-so. I made them for my mom's birthday. They seemed really easy but I had a really hard time pushing them through the pastry bag to make the perfect shape. And I think I need a better recipe. Anyone have any suggestions? But this is not a post on churros so let's get on with it!

Awhile back I did swatches on all my black shadows and I figured I would continue on with other shades. White is my least favorite eyeshadow colors. Since I have a deeper skin tone they don't show up with much variation. It doesn't make the most flattering lid shade, and I usually blend it to nothing as a brow highlighter. About the only thing they are good for is inner corner highlight and I prefer a more gold shade for that. A matte white is good for mixing to lighten up other colors-but I don't typically do that either.

So let's get started swatching. 

Stila Copacabana- I'm currently trying to pan it. I kinda hate it. It seems nice when you just swatch it on your hand..but it has this weird patchy clumsiness to it on the eyelid. i'm currently just using it to powder before I apply shadow and I still hate it. It's a low shimmer  off white on me.

Smashbox Snow- I didn't even know I had a pure matte white until a few days ago when I pulled an old Smashbox palette out. It's still off white on me and kinda powdery. I'll have to make it a point to try it out.

Smashbox Cream- A yellowish white. I use it a lot for mixing in with darker shades. 

Smashbox Opus- I also use this a lot for mixing. It's a pink white. 

Smashbox Fizz- Pink Beige Shimmery almost white. Doesn't appear that way in the pan though.

Smashbox Marizpan- A light beige shade. More beige than white but I'll include it anyway.

Smashed Vanilla- Pretty close to Marzipan but a bit lighter. 

Smashbox Mist- Looks like a lilac shade in the pan. But comes off as an intensely shimmery white on my eyelid. 

Urban Decay Bones- My favorite. It has this pink opal look to it. Not really white but I'll include it anyway. 

Urban Decay Framed- Almost looks like it has an orange undertone to it in the pan. On my skin it looks like a yellow-orange. But it's very light. 

Urban Decay Discreet- A pink-purple light color.

Too Faced Coconut Creme- Matte white. Almost looks a bit yellow.  I don't like the texture of it.

Urban Decay Sin-Looks pink beige on my hand but it looks slightly like a white gold on my eyelid. It's really strange. 

Urban Decay Virgin- Basic  slightly shimmery White 

Too Faced Piana Keys- Slightly shimmery white. 

Too Faced Butter Pecan- A golden shimmery white. Love this in inner corners.

Urban Decay Anonymous-Looks beige in the pan, but looks off white on my skin.

Urban Decay Framed- A pink beige. I actually really like this color.

Urban Decay Last Sin-I have two pans of this. Looks like a shimmery light beige on my eye. Haven't used it much, but I do remember liking it when I did.

Urban Decay Truth- Typical light color. Maybe a hint of pink?

Urban Decay Dope- I really liked it when I used it. It's a light beige with a slight shimmer.

Urban Decay Habit- Typical beige. It's nice and pigmented but again not much different from most other shades I have.

Too Faced Nougat- Love the shade-hate the formula. Luckily I have a couple other shades similar to it.

Too Faced White Chocolate- Have tons of shades like this. Nothing special.

Too Faced Champagne Truffle- I like this one in inner corners. I will probably never use it up though. The formula is nice at least.

Too Faced Marzipan- A beige-pink shade. Almost like Urban Decay Sin. I really love this color though...I prefer it over Sin.

Am I done? I think I'm done. Anytime I think I need another palette, if I just take a look at this I'm sure I will be convince otherwise. Every palette seems to have these beige/white shades and I don't need even one more.  There are 26 here and I will be lucky to just get through one this year.

Think I will do gold next. Let's see how much of those I have!