Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap Frankincense-Patchouli Review

Another day, another review. This time for a Zum Bar. I reviewed an Almond one a couple months ago. It wasn't my favorite soap but I wanted to try more in different scents to see if I came across one I really like. I noticed they had this on sale for 10% off so I picked it up. Whenever I think of frankincense I always think of the story of baby Jesus and how the wise men brought him frankincense and myrrh. I didn't even know until a couple years ago that it still existed. Frankincense oil is quite expensive but I hear it's great for the skin. So I was excited to try this out.

Zum Bar claims:
  • Feel yourself floating with the sensual earthiness of frankincense while still coming down to earth with the unpretentious patchouli. Bold, yet understated. Pure, yet complex.

    Relax aging skin with frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and patchouli to create a sensual and sultry shower.

    A super emollient, ultra-moistuzing soap handmade without animal tallow and synthetic colorings. 

It's not really a scent I would have been drawn to had it not been on sale. It's very rich smelling. And when combined with the patchouli it can become almost masculine. I like the scent when I just pick up the bar and sniff it. But when I use it in the shower, I don't like it much. It just becomes a little unpleasant for me. It could be the patchouli, but I'm actually a fan of straight patchouli or when it's mixed with certain things. Maybe it's just this particular mix?

Other than the scent it lathers up rather nicely and feels very moisturizing in the shower. My skin feels pretty normal afterward- maybe a teensy  bit dry.

You get a 3 oz bar. Which is a decent size. But it's definitely on the pricier side of natural soap ranging anywhere from $4.50-$5.85. I love the way the bar looks though. 

The ingredients are great...all natural. The only thing I'm confused about is the goat's milk base. I wish they would just list out the ingredients like every other company. What's a goat's milk base?

Saponified 100% food grade olive, coconut, palm & castor oils, in a goat's milk base, with herbs, pure essential oils, fragrance oil and aloe. Enjoy!

Overall, I'm just not a fan of the scent combination. If you like earthy, rich scents....maybe it's worth a sniff? I will keep trying them out and hopefully I find a scent combination I like. My favorite frankincense soap is Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter, that smelled divine! And if you like patchouli Lush's Karma is divine.


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