Sunday, February 7, 2016

Faith Evans

Does anyone else think that Faith and Elle Varner kind of look alike? Anyway, I knew who Faith Evans was by her face way before I knew any of her songs. She was on the cover of Essence (I think) with her kids. Later on my Dad got her Keep the Faith album and would play it from the first song to the last. It wasn't long before I had a favorite on the album. I would listen to the whole album just waiting on it. Of course it was a Babyface penned song. It's still my favorite Faith song. It's Never Gonna Let You Go. 

There's a couple others that I love by her and you should definitely check out.

Soon As I Get Home
Can't Believe
True Love- Loved when this would come on the radio. I was in 10th grade maybe?
Tears of Joy- Kind of sounds like what Jill Scott is trying to do on her newest album. 
Gone Already
Kissing You- Another Babyface penned song. He's a genius. My ITunes is full of his music. Faith did her thing on it too!

And there you have it. If you only check out one song, it has to be Never Gonna Let You Go. If you love 90's R&B, you can't have a playlist without it!