Monday, February 22, 2016

Fantasia Barrino

No one can rock a short cut like Fantasia. And no one can sang like her either. I loved her voice from the moment I heard it on American Idol. I really love her live performances. Listening to a CD just doesn't compare.  Her most memorable performance for me was on Idol when she sang "Summertime". I think I stopped watching Idol shortly after her win. 

She has the ability to sing her song with pure, raw, emotion. And not a lot of artists (especially current ones) seem to be able to do that. 

I tend to like her older music. The writing on her later songs just isn't as strong as the first couple of albums. But like I said I prefer her live performance anyway. 

Like this tribute she did to Miss Patty Labelle. She sang it better than Patti!

She really does a mean tribute.

I really wish I could have seen the play. She really put herself into this song.

And last one. I didn't even like this song until I heard it live. I love the lyrics though....I feel like they speak directly to my heart.

There are countless other performances..but we would be here all day.

So here's my Fantasia Playlist
Even Angels
Two Weeks Notice
I Feel Beautiful
When I See You
Good Lovin
Ain't Gon Beg You
Got Me Waiting
Free Yourself
I Believe
Truth Is

I know she has a new album out...I haven't heard it yet but I will be giving it a listen soon.