Monday, February 22, 2016

Orange Eyeshadow Swatches

My favorite color is orange. It used to be purple....but purple get's a lot of love from a lot of people. So I changed it to orange. Orange is just a very happy, bright color. And I love all shades of orange whether it is burnt orange, tangerine, coral, salmon (I thought that was pink but according to Wikipedia it's Orange!), marigold, amber, I love them all!

Oddly enough I only have five orange eyeshadows. I haven't really figured out how to make orange everyday wearable. Except sneaking some in the crease.

So let's get started!

1. MAC Orange- I love this eyeshadow. It's a true orange! I haven't really figured out any go to looks with it...but I love it as a blush. Orange on darker skin= LOVE!

2. Urban Decay Savage- Technically, it's not supposed to be used on the eyes. But it's a beautiful pressed pigment. I've seen it look amazing on other people, but I haven't figured out how to make it look nice on my own eyes. 

3. Urban Decay Flame- This is a gorgeous duo chrome gold-orange color. But the formula kind of sucks. I have to use it wet to get the payoff I want. Otherwise it's powdery and glittery. 

4. NYX Afrika- Beautiful color but very powdery. And you have to layer it. It's more of an orange-red. I also put a swatch of it in my red shadow swatches. 

5. NYX Hot Orange- This is an older shade. It has some of the chunkiest, pointless glitter I have ever seen in a shadow. It is useable if you tap the glitter of the brush beforehand. But you have to do some serious layering. 

All swatches done with brushes without primer.

And that's all! I do have some orange-brown shades like Too Faced Peanut Butter, but those will be in the brown shadow swatches post! 

Stay tuned- I will be doing yellow eyeshadows next!