Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Red Eyeshadow Swatches

I love red eyeshadow. It's probably intimidating to most, and I can see why. I'm not really sure what made me take the plunge into it. I think I was just looking for shades that weren't very common when I was shopping for NYX shadows a couple years back.

When I got my order it was one of the first shades I played with. And it was love at first glance.  Since then I've accumulated a ton more shadows..but barely any red. It's just not a color that's often included in palettes. And that's how I purchase most of my shadow. 

So I only have four. Yes, only four. And as it stands I really need to give them a little more love. I find that once I discover I really like a color I just kind of put it away as though I'm saving it. Makes absolutely no sense, but that's what I do.

Urban Decay Sonic- This shade came in the Vice 3 palette. Urban Decay was definitely known as an edgier brand...but surprisingly they hardly ever do red shadow. At least this is the only one I have by them. But it's one of my favorite shades. It's a beautiful shimmery red. 

NYX Extreme Apricot- The red shadow that started it all- for me. It's a little dry...and can take a couple layers to show opaque. But once on, I LOVE this color. Unfortunately, NYX discontinued it. And they don't have any reds in the line. You can probably still find it online though.

MAC New Fixation- My friend gave this to me after I wore Extreme Apricot to work. I remember thinking she was crazy for giving it away....I was like "Are you sure? You might want to wear it later or something!"  I've only used it once or twice. I tried it as a lipcolor- Loved it that way! And on my eyes. I don't think I've found a good combination for it yet though. But it's so pigmented and easy to work with. It's a fun color to have for sure. It's a slightly sparkly pink-red. 

NYX Africa- I bought this the same time I picked up Extreme. They are pretty similar but this one has a better texture. It also leans a bit more orange. I don't use this often...I usually just went for extreme apricot. If I ever use up the other one, I will probably start reaching for this one.

MAC Cranberry- I almost forgot to include this one. I bought it after seeing it used in a tutorial yet. I've yet to fall in love with the color on me though. I do need to play with it more. It's a high quality shadow though...pigmented, easy to blend, and great lasting power. A little similar to Urban's Sonic but not as metallic.

NARS Exhibit A- It's a blush but it can be used as a shadow in a pinch. It's pretty much the same color as Extreme Apricot. Except the texture on this is a million times better. I love it as a blush though. Especially in the winter.

These are all swatched on bare skin.

And that's my small collection of red shadows. I think I need to rock a red lid tomorrow.

What's your favorite red?