Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow Review

I know I'm kind of late, but Happy Valentines Day! I had planned a Valentines post this year but never got around to it. In fact, I haven't gotten around to a lot of posts I've had planned. This post included. I had said awhile back I was going to focus on reviewing some of the shadows in my collection. That way I can have an accurate view of what I have instead of always finding shades I want. I started with the shadows in Urban Decay Naked palette I usually only reach for it for about two shades...but lately I've been trying to use more of the shades in it. 

Urban Decay Sin- Champagne shimmer

Sin is the second shade in the Naked palettes and is also available individually for $19.  Getting it in the palette is a good deal though because it is full size. Plus you get 11 other colors. 

From what I've read it's a favorite for many people. It's often touted as a dupe for Kitten by Stila. Which is another popular shade.

In the pan it appears to be a pink champagne shade. It even appears that way in a swatch. But for some reason it appears as a gold champagne on my eyelid. And it doesn't matter what I pair it with. I don't reach for it much because it's just not a color I gravitate towards. 

I do like it though.

As for lasting power- it's a shadow I always have to use a primer with. It usually creases and fades quite a bit about 4 hours after I put it on and sometimes it completely disappears by the end of the day. Which would explain why Urban Decay included the sample primer with it when they first started selling it. It is pigmented though and working with it is very easy.

As far as pairing it with other colors in the palette (it's not a stand alone shade for me!), I'm not a fan. The Naked palette has a lot of shimmer. I like to pair it with a matte shades. In particular, with MACs Embark and a bit Urban Decay Buck in the crease. If you are on the opposite of the shade spectrum from me, this would probably make a great 1 and done shade. 

I find it most similar to Too Faced Marzipan from the Chocolate Bar palette and Urban Decay Last Sin in the Vice 4 or Vice LTD. 

Urban Decay Last Sin, Urban Decay Sin, Too Faced Marzipan

If I ever used it, it's not a shade I would rush out to replace. It's just OK. It's not the most unique shade and finding a much cheaper dupe would be pretty easy. 

Do you own this shade? What do you think of it?