Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Review

I think I'm starting to get tired of my Naked palette. Or I'm just realizing that I don't like the combinations I get when I use the palette. Some of the individual shades on their own are nice or mixed with other colors outside the palette- but this particular eyeshadow is probably my least liked in the whole palette. 

Urban Decay Naked- Nude

It is available as a single for $19. Which is pretty high up there. 

It's described simply as a nude on the Urban Decay website but I would say it's more of a tan color. Or a beige brown. Or just a very light, cool-toned brown.

Without a primer it doesn't work well for me. I end up using a lot to get the payoff I want, and for some reason it piles into the crease and wears off in less that six hours. Primer is not an option for me with this.

With primer, it wears OK. It doesn't wear as well as  some shadows in my collection but pigmentation and lasting power are better than without a primer. 

I have it on here with some subtle green eyeliner...and you can see it's a little ashy. It just doesn't much of anything for me!

As for the color, I just don't like it. It doesn't combine well with a lot of the colors in the Naked palette. So I mostly end up using it as a wash of color. But on my skintone it ends up looking just a tad ashy. I prefer a warmer brown for a wash of color. I've use it try and blend out other colors but it makes everything look muddy.

I don't have any shadows that are particularly similar to it, which is good news for me.

It's just a shadow I plain old don't like. I think one of these days it might make it into my project pan just to try and use it up and get rid of it.