Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blue Eyeshadow Swatches/Collection

Green eyeshadow I don't know what to do with. But Blue? I could wear blue everyday. I don't get the people say it's hard to wear because the 80's. And now blue eyeshadow is supposedly a hot trend for Spring. But to be honest, I pay no attention to trends, I just wear what I like. But I do really like this look Kendall was wearing. With the blue AND Green. I may have to try that out.

And on a deeper skinned model...BEAUTIFUL!

But anyway, I find blue (navy) really compliments brown eyes. 

These are all the blues I have in my collection.Brace yourself, there are a lot!

1. Stila Ipanema- I got this in an old Stila palette. I'm still not a fan of the formula of Stila but this is a beautiful blue shadow on the eyes. Takes some building up but I can't get over the color. 

2. Smashbox Sapphires- I have two of these. And it's a shame, but I've never used it. I need to get on that!

3. L'oreal Showy Duo- Matte Blue side. The quality of this blue sucks- but it can be worked with. It's a nice bright deep blue, if that makes sense.

4. L'oreal Showy Duo-Shimmer side. This is my favorite blue shade ever. I have to take care to make sure it doesn't crease, but it's truly beautiful-supposedly a dupe of MAC Parrot.

5. NYX Matte Turquoise- Not really a matte turquoise,more a matte sky blue. I love this color but haven't used it lately. I tend to save my favorite colors but I need to go ahead and just use it.

6. NYX Kiss in Casablanca- When you swatch this with your fingers, you would think it's the most pigmented blue ever. But boy does this one FADE. Love the color, just wish the quality was better.

7. MAC Aqua- You already know I love this color. Not one you find very often and has just enough blue to come across blue and not some ashy mess on my eyelid. Love this color!

8. MAC Electric Eel- Love this color but haven't really used it. 

9. MAC Aquadisiac- Lovely color but definitely needs building up.

10. L'oreal Sassy Duo Blue- Probably the most wearable blue for people that are afraid of it. It's a very muted blue that has a bit of silver come through after a few hours of wear.

11. MAC Cobalt- I almost forgot this one. It's a beautiful purple/blue. I don't think I've ever used this one either. Shame, Shame.

12. Urban Decay Fringe- One of my favorite blue colors. So beautiful. Gotta have it! From the Electric Palette.

13. Urban Decay Gonzo- Another lovely blue shade.Also from the Electric palette.

14. Urban Decay Chaos- Perfect bright true blue shade. Not sure why it came up so patchy though! And yet another blue from the Electric palette.

15. Stila Ocean- Horrible, blackenedd blue. And extra powdery. Did I mention I really don't like Stila shadows!

16. Smashbox Peacock- Lovely almost duo chrome gold/blue. Almost like my favorite blue from L'oreal Showy but not quite exact.

17.  Smashbox Navy- It's named correctly. It's definitely a navy blue. So far it's been good as liner.

18. Urban Decay Freeze- I'm wearing this today and it's a lovely blue..except it's very prone to fallout. Tap that brush!

19. Urban Decay Heroine- Haven't used it but goes on my hand so patchy. Yet another Navy. I never need another Navy shadow as long as I live!

20. Too Faced Blueberry Swirl- Only blue I have from Too Faced. They don't do blue very often. This is a very wearable blue but not very pigmented. Looks good over a blue base though...really brings out the sparkle!

21. Urban  Decay Sabbath- Looks black in most applications, unless I pair it with a blue. 

22. Urban Decay Prank- Has the prettiest turquoise glitter, but it doesn't stick unless you pat on with your fingers. Comes off as straight navy basically. Disappointing shadow!

23.Urban Decay Madness- Another beautiful blue..but I don't use it because I'm afraid to use it up. Madness- yeah I know!

24. Urban Decay Goddess- Another that comes off quite patchy. I just noticed it's shimmery. For some reason I've always thought it was matte. 

25. Urban Decay Crystal- This is one I've recently fallen in love with. It's almost a muted silver periwinkle. It's lovely!

Note: All are swatched on bare skin with a brush.

As you can see I don't need another blue as long as I live. Especially  a navy! But even still I'm on the lookout for a periwinkle blue once I use some of these up! 

What are some of your favorite blue shades?