Friday, March 25, 2016

Karity Makeup- Newest Company to Dupe MAC

I love following social media and the brands it hypes up. It truly is fascinating to me. I've been watching youtube makeup since about 2007. Back when people did it because it was a hobby or just to talk makeup with fellow makeup lovers. I've seen a lot of companies become very hyped up on youtube. Coastal Scents, Sigma, Morphe, BH Cosmetics, and now it looks like Karity might join that list. I've never bought anything from the companies listed for many reasons but I won't get into it today.

I was watching youtube, not really paying too much attention, when I heard Karity mentioned. What is...Karity? Karity is a company that has MAC dupes. Yes, another company that dupes MAC. Add that to the Sigma/Makeup Geek list. I understand that MAC can be quite expensive and it's nice to have cheaper alternatives. But I hate when a company just sets out to copy another well known line. It's just so...uncreative. I don't mind a dupe here or there in a line, but their ENTIRE line? Why? 

NOTE: You can find dupes in the drugstore much cheaper because you don't have to pay shipping and there are often sale promotions. PLUS you can use coupons.

So I was already wary of the brand. But I was curious so I clicked in the down bar, and sure enough the video was sponsored. For some reason, I felt compelled to search further, so I looked up more vids. All praised the dupes, even though some of the swatches were a mess. Most of the reviews came for people that had never even tried the shadow on their eye. And all were sponsored and a lot had "coupon codes".  

But I had to search even further (because I'm me), and I found Karity on Amazon and read some reviews. Most are overwhelmingly positive. A lot got them for free for review (very telling). There were a couple negative reviews, which I give the most weight to when weighing in a product. 

Just the look of the palettes look like those cheap, mass produced palettes that everyone seems to sell these days that are made in china. 

I've noticed the pricing seems to change quite often, I saw some video's that mentioned they were six dollars, then they were five. And now they are $4.50. They probably had to lower the prices when MAC lowered theirs because who would pay more money for a cheap dupe? I would say save up that extra $1.50 and just buy the MAC shadow. Or the Coastal Scent Hot Pots because those are $1.95 and often go on sale.  But probably would just buy the MAC (because quality vs. quantity!) or Wet N Wild (can't beat those prices and they are nice shadows!).
From Coastal Scents $5.95
From Karity $7.25

Note: You can get a MAC 15 pan one for $10 or $8 without the insert. Just saying'!

I've noticed their empty palette seems to be he exact same as the Coastal Scents palettes so it's probably safe to say they use the same manufacturer. But the shadow ingredients seem a bit different or maybe they are just listed in a different order.

I don't know, this company just seems shady and I don't like their marketing so they are going on my no buy. Definitely research before you buy. I could do a little more but I think I've found enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Have you purchased from Karity? Would you purchase from Karity?