Friday, March 11, 2016

Green Eyeshadow Swatches/Collection

I have way more green shadows than I originally thought. I love red, yellow, and orange shadow but really haven't quite figured out how to rock the green. Not all greens, I especially love teals that lean a little more green but when it comes to the darker greens I'm a bit lost. I should probably add a green shadow to my project pan that way it forces me to get comfortable with it.

But anyway, these are the greens in my collection as of right now. 

1. L'oreal Duo in Flashy- This is one of my favorite green shadows. It's a teal with more green than blue and it has subtle gold sparkle. 

2. NYX Exotic Green- This is a satin green brown. I'm sure I've worn it, but I don't think I liked it very much. But I really need to play with it more.

3. NYX Mermaid Green- I'm sure I've worn this one too but I wasn't able to make it look that great on me. It's almost an emerald green and it looks more faded on than it does in the pan. I do like the color though. I think I will put this green in a project pan soon.

4. Maybelline Never Fade Jade Color Tattoo Pigment- A Jade Green. I really like the color of this but I haven't played with it too much. I'm thinking it will make a nice summer liner when mixed with water. 

6. Smashbox Midnight Emerald- A blackened emerald. A beautiful color, but again I have no idea how to wear it.

7. Mac Kelly- A matte kelly green. I love this color...and I love that it's matte.

8. Urban Decay Grasshopper- A metallic emerald green. 

9. Urban Decay C-Note- Very nice medium green with a hint of blue. 

10. Urban Decay Arctic- Metallic green blue. But more green. Lovely color but kind of flaky.

11. Smashbox Zoom- I love this color in the pan but it doesn't look the same on my eye.A lot of the gold comes out. It's almost a duo chrome.

12. Urban Decay Freak- Prettiest bright green ever. Picture does it no justice!

13. Urban Decay Thrash- Matte yellow green. Loved this color more than I thought I would. Much more pigmented than it looks in the swatch

14. Too Faced David and Marg-Very Pretty sea foam green...and the formula on it is probably the best out of shades I have that are similar. 

15. Too Faced Loves the Cast- A gold green. So metallic and pigmented. Love this one!

16. Stila Aqua Marine- I'm not a fan of Stila's shadows. This one is no exception. It is large and flaky and looks faded. It's definitely on my list of colors to pan.

17. Urban Decay Damaged- Another blackened emerald. I love this color but again- no idea how to wear it.

18. Urban Decay Stash-A gold/green/brown. I love this color. I have an eyeliner the same color I need to use up!

19. Urban Decay Poison- A black with some hint of green to it. I don't think I've ever used it.

20. Urban Decay Dragon- This is a great green. I have worn it a couple times as a pop of color liner with a natural brown look. Love this color.

21. Urban Decay Libertine- A blacked green. More black than green. 

All colors are swatched with a brush without primer.

True Story- I was able to convince myself part of the reason I needed Vice 4 was because I didn't have enough green shadow. What was I thinking? With all this green I better learn how to wear it soon!

How do you wear your green? Whats your favorite shadow of green?