Wednesday, March 16, 2016

MAC Pro Eyeshadows for $6- PRICE DROP!!

Say What??????

Yes, you read correctly. I've seen it posted on multiple sites. 

I think MAC might be my favorite shadows. For years I thought it was Urban Decay. But as far as lasting power MAC wins. Plus I notice less fall out and in general less powderiness than most other brands. But $10 a pan is very expensive. It was always more cost effective to just buy a pre-made palette. 

Now with the new prices I am so tempted to order. BUT I'm going to stick to my no-buy until I finish up at least 30 shadows. And try some shadows from other brands. I really want to try Lorac, Inglot, Viseart, Make Up Forever Artis, and some pro shadows.

But those new prices are calling me to MAC when I finish. 

I really wish they would make MAC Parrot and Samoa Silk in a pro pan. 

In the meantime I'll keep pushing to use up my 30 so I can get my hands on Red Brick, Lime, Satin Taupe,and Rule. And all other MAC shadows.

Here's my current MAC palette minus Cobalt, Aquadisiac, and Embark. 

Are you picking some up? What are your current faves?

Let me know in the comments!