Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Makeup Inventory

My blog is almost like my makeup diary. I've been think of doing "makeup inventory" for awhile. I figured it would help me curb some of the things I I can focus on using the things I have.  

This is my entire collection. Not too bad. But still definitely a lot of stuff.

1. Brushes- I love makeup brushes. They really do change how you apply your makeup. I started out with an Ecotools set and slowly replaced them with better brushes. I still want more brushes, but I've definitely slowed down on purchasing them. I usually rotate my brushes too, so that way nothing sits getting ignored. I currently have 58 brushes. Including mini's. That's a lot more than I thought....and there are some in my collection that wouldn't be missed if I threw them out. 

2. Eyeshadows- I have 270 shadows, mostly in palettes. I really didn't think I had that much, but even so I'm always finding more colors I want. I really want to use up at least 30 shadows before I buy anymore though. So far I'm down one.  29 more to go!

3. Blush/Contour- I have 15 blushes. Not too bad. I am currently panning one-and I wouldn't mind replacing it with something else once I use it up.

I have two contour powders, which I rarely reach for. I'm just not that into contouring. I was watching a video from Pixiwoo and she pointed out that contouring can be very aging, and I agree. Plus it's hard making sure everything is super blended out so there are no harsh lines. I like what I have, but i probably won't be buying anything else for contouring unless I use up something that I have. 

4. Lipstick, Lipglosses- I have 33. I think 30 is a good number so I will try to use up 3 things and keep the number at 30.

5. Foundations, Concealers- I have five concealers and four foundations. Not too bad. I'm not too bothered to use anything up. I usually stick to one at a time anyway.

6. Eyeliners, Lipliners- I have four lipliners and eight eyeliners. Again, not too bothered to use anything up.

7. Bronzers- I have four bronzers. Not too many at all. I always see bronzers I want to try but they just never make it to check out. 

8. Highlighters- I have one. I know highlighters are all the rage but I have oily skin and find that highlighters make my skin look even oilier. 

9. Primer- I have once face primer and three eye primers. Nothing too unmanageable.

10. Mascara- I have one full size (unopened) and a couple samples. I'm working on getting through the sample tubes I have now.

That was helpful! I'm actually really glad I know exactly what I have.