Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sappo Hill Lavender Soap Review

I just saw the newest preview for the Allegiance movie coming out and I'm so excited!  I love those movies. Mostly because of Four. Four is definitely my favorite character.

Such a cutie! But I really like the story also.. so I'm anxiously awaiting March 18th. 

But anyway, let me get back on topic. I picked this soap up for about $2 at my local health store. It's on the cheaper side for natural soaps...but still not cheap by any means.

Sappo Hill Claims:
Transform your shower or bath into a cleansing ritual; focus the mind and calm the senses. One of the ultimate ancient herbs, lavender delivers the exuberance of fields of fragrant purple flower spikes warming in the hot yellow sun.

I was hesitant to pick this soap up because there is no packaging whatsoever. You just grab the bar as is. Because of that I had no idea what the brand name was, you really have to take a closer look in the store. No packaging is better for the environment. But I would at least like a label. 

The have pretty basic scent choices like Aloe, Oatmeal, Almond, Cucumber, etc. I went with Lavender only because it seems like forever since I've had a Lavender scented soap. I wasn't a big fan of Lavender but over the years it has grown on me. Especially when mixed with vanilla. Having said that, I don't like this particular Lavender scent. It just smells off, not like fresh Lavender or even Lavender essential oil. Luckily it's not too strong.

The actual soap bar looks like a little light purple hockey puck. It lathers nicely and it isn't drying.

It is cruelty free, which is always nice. 

And it's all natural. 

Non-GMO Food Grade Oils of Sustainable Palm and Coconut, Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Glycerine, Fragrance Blend with Natural Plant Extracts and Essential Oils, Mineral Pigment

The scent would deter me from recommending this particular bar of soap but I would not mind trying out the Almond or Oatmeal to see if I like those better. 

Anyone tried this brand before? Which was your favorite?