Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Respect For Makeup Artists

A couple years back I did a post on makeup artists. Or what I thought were makeup artists, and in reality were sales assistance. I was just so frustrated that no matter what counter I went to, they couldn't match me to the correct foundation shade. I mean at a NARS counter, a Clinique counter, and a MAC counter no one could match me. The NARS lady automatically threw the darkest shade on me, MAC had me looking orange, and the Clinique lady didn't even try. The only time I was matched correctly was at a Fashion Fair counter. My skin is really not that hard to match- I promise. Now a couple years later I realized the people that were at the counter probably weren't actual makeup artist. 

A makeup artist can be a sales assistant, but a sales assistant can't be a makeup artist. Well, they can but I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say.

Now that I actually know the difference...I'm blown away by the skills of some makeup artist. The face/body is a blank canvas with endless possibilities and some artists work is amazing!

I finally went beyond the scope of watching youtube "guru's" that basically show you how to apply (shovel) makeup to only their own faces. And push consumerism, consumerism, consumerism!

I found Special FX makeup. I used to watch a lot of Crime Scene Investigation. And it never occurred to me that the bodies on Doc Robbins table weren't actual people. This artist is truly amazing and this video is worth watching!

So fascinating!

I've been wanting to learn some color theory for a little while, but where to learn it? I found this video which is pretty interesting. I wish I could take a workshop class because I feel like it would help me with pairing colors. I also need to find a color wheel..

And the last video I'm going to share really delves into the history of makeup. I've watched almost every one of Lisa Eldridge's videos and have learned a lot about makeup through her. Her passion for the history of makeup is real, and it's something that got me thinking about the history of makeup! This video is very well done...and I wish she would do more like it. If you haven't checked her videos or website out, you really should! I just wish she would pull in more deeper skinned models sometimes.

Anyways, just wanted to share some videos I've recently discovered and you may be interested in too!