Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pesto Pasta Salad

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta. I haven't come across many pasta recipes that are keepers. So I'm always game to try new ones.

This one is very different from any others I've made. For one, it can be eaten cold. And it has  artichoke hearts. I've only ever eaten artichokes in spinach dip, never cooked with it. But I discovered I really like them-they are good!

But the pasta wasn't. It almost tasted like bland airplane food with WAY too much red onion. I actually ended up picking most the onion out and throwing it out. A whole onion is entirely too much. Especially in something you don't cook. 

One of the reasons it might not have been that good is because of the jarred pesto. Could have just been the brand I bought but I'm not a fan. And usually I'm a big fan of pesto- especially on pizza. Maybe if I made it myself?

I used brown rice pasta- because it was on sale. And everything else I followed to the letter. I was even going to add some chicken to it for some protein but in the end I was glad I didn't mess up good chicken by adding it to this. I doubt it would have helped!

I got the recipe from Budget Bytes, which is normally one of my favorite food blogs but I don't find I'm a big fan of her earlier recipes. 

Overall this wasn't my favorite recipe. But it was nice to branch out and try something different than what I normally eat. 

If your curious, click here for the recipe.