Monday, April 25, 2016

MAC 127 Brush Review

Have you seen the MAC X Chris Chang Collection? All of those colors are calling my name-especially those blushes! And the packaging is so pretty. I kind of really want that purple lipstick...but I know the only reason I really want it is because I love the packaging. And I'm no longer falling for packaging, unless I love the product inside too! Same thing with the Urban Decay Alice palette. I've seen swatches and most of them aren't really the Urban Decay formula that made me love Urban Decay. The quality is just not there for most of the palettes they have brought out the last couple of years. . But that's just fine with me because I really don't need to buy another palette. I really don't!

But now on the the brush review- which I only really bought because I love the packaging.

MAC 127 claims:
A paddle-shaped face brush that features a 50/50 split of natural and synthetic fibers.

A "double agent" face brush that features a special combination of 50% natural and 50% synthetic fibers. Split Fiber brushes can deliver two unique results on skin: the natural side provides a soft, diffused look while synthetic fibers fuse color onto skin for a polished, luminous complexion.

So like I said, I only really bought this brush because I love brushes and I couldn't resist the teal handle. I thought the brush seemed quite gimmicky- but I don't find MAC a gimmicky brand in general so I decided to just go ahead and get it. Plus I thought, it's almost like getting two brushes in one. Could be good for travel, right?

It has two sides-a fluffy, natural side and then a flat synthetic side that kind of looks like a flat foundation brush.

When I first bought it I was under the impression it was mostly a blush brush. And it works well for blush. It took me forever to try the synthetic side for blush, but I actually think I like the way it applies the blush better than how the natural hair side does. Which was very surprising to me. Sometimes if the application is too heavy I just use the other side to blend. I really like it as a blush brush.

The other way I tend to use it is as a powder brush. It's on the small side but I kind of like that because there is more control. I don't tend to put powder all over my face, just lightly in my T-zone. This way I don't look powdery and the makeup isn't too visible on my skin.

You can also use it for bronzer, highlighter, or anything else you want. But I find I have other brushes I prefer more than this for those tasks. But in a pinch if I don't feel like grabbing another brush, I'll use it for everything.

The only thing is the bristles tend to get wonky. They just start going every which way and sometimes it can feel a teeny bit scratchy unless you hold your brush a certain way.
For comparison: MAC 116, MAC 127,  MAC 129 

The one I have is made in China. But if you get the regular handled ones they are made in Japan. I have heard the the special edition brushes are not as great quality as the regular line, and I would tend to agree. I know the ones made in Japan are usually hand-cut, and the ones in China are supposedly machine cut. But having said that, I have the 182, which is made in China, and I absolutely love that brush. But it's not a special edition brush. In the future though, I will stay clear of the Special Edition brushes made in China.

The brush doesn't feel like a cheap brush- it just doesn't feel as high quality as some of the regular line I have from them. I'm sure I will get many more years of use out of it, but it's not a brush I would strongly recommend to anyone. Of the two brushes I have from this collection, I prefer the eye brush- MAC 233.

What do you think? Do you own any double ended brushes?