Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Purple Eyeshadow Swatches/Collection

Way back in the day purple used to be my favorite color, so not long after I started  venturing into color, I tried purple. Which I found surprisingly very wearable! I love all shades of purple on the eyes: pastel, lavender, lilac, deep purples, really any shade of purple.  I think it was a trend last spring, but I think purple is suitable 365 days of the year! 

These are all the purples I have!

1. Make Up Forever Purple 92- One of the best matte purples ever! Very pigmented. It's one of their discontinued shadows...but I'm sure they have something similar if not better in their newer artist line.  I need to reach for it more!

2. Maybelline Potent Purple- I'm currently panning this. I don't like it. It blends away and it's just not vibrant nor as pretty as other purple's I have. You can see how patchy it is in the swatch...which is how it goes on the eye!

3. NYX Eggplant- This is more burgundy and pulls a bit pink on my eyes. I'm not sure this belongs here but oh well! With a good primer this shadow is amazing! I think it's discontinued now but the shade called flustered looks similar.

4. NYX Violette- Terrible eyeshadow. It has terrible pigmentation and the glitter is very chunky. Wish I never bought this one. I'm glad it's discontinued!

5. Urban Decay Hoodoo- When I think of Urban Decay, I think of purples. I've never used this shadow but looking at the swatch I think I need too. It's very pigmented and gorgeous. 

6. Urban Decay Freakshow- Very pretty shimmery purple. I've never used this one either. I think I might try it out today though.

7. Too Faced Soho- Very light purple. I've only used it a couple times and never really like it much. I need to try it out again. 

8. Too Faced Envy- I love this purple. Not extremely unique to all the purples I have, but I really like the formula.

9. Too Faced 1998- They need to bring this color back. It's a pink/purple with gold glitter. One of my favorite shadows of all time!

10. MAC Parfait Amour- You really have to build it up but once you do, it's gorgeous. It has some pink shift to it. Another favorite!

11. MAC Cobalt- I still haven't used this color. I included it in the blue also because sometimes I think it's blue and other items purple. I love the color but it doesn't seem very pigmented.

12. MAC Vibrant Grape- Love this color. Only used it once but when I did I loved it! Almost looks like Too Faced 1998. Hmm.

13. Smashbox Lavender- I haven't found a lavender I love. For some reason it looks too white on me. This one is OK. But I think there might be something better out there.

14. Smashbox Purple Mist- Beautiful purple but I think it may need to be built up. It seems to have some pink shift to it. 

15. Smashbox Lilac- Very pretty color. I know I've used it a couple times but I can't remember it. Some of these purple's are so similar they seem to running into each other for me! 

16. Urban Decay Jet- I use this every now and again to darken a purple look. Otherwise it goes on way to dark.

17. Stila- I just realized how pretty this color is. I generally don't like their shadow but I do have a blue shade by them I really love. They make very pretty subdued shades that are just a bit different from the usual's in my collection.

18. Urban Decay Jilted- A purple fuchsia with blue shift. This comes from the Electric palette and it's a favorite! 

19. Urban Decay Urban- This and the one above aren't technically for eyes but I use them as shadow anyway.  I love this purple too! Like I said Urban Decay nails purples!

20 Too Faced Candied Violet- This is a pretty purple with fuchsia glitter...but it takes a bit of work to make it look good. It's not very pigmented on it's own and needs a purple base. Once you do that your good! I wish the quality was better.

21. Urban Decay Hoodoo- Very pretty purple. But I haven't really reached for it too much.

22. Urban Decay Betrayal- Another favorite. It's a duo-chrome with blue shift. Takes some building up but looks so nice on!

23. Urban Decay Vanity- Love this color. Kind of powdery but still pigmented.

24. Urban Decay Alchemy- This may have more pink/red than purple but I included it anyway. Very pretty color. Unique to my collection.

25. Urban Decay Bondage- Love this purple. It's almost like I didn't notice it until recently but now it has my full attention. This and the other two above it are kind of powdery, but I can forgive it because I love the color.

26. Urban Decay Beat Down- Love this color. I thought I didn't have anything similar...but that's not exactly true.

27. Urban Decay Pandemonium- Another lovely color. Looks a little different in the pan. All these purples are kind of running together for me now. But I think it's unique?

28. Urban Decay Underhand- I love this too. I just love these types of purple. 

29. Urban Decay Harlot- Very pretty but need primer and building up.

30. Urban Decay 1985- Another purple with some pink it it. Also a wee little bit of blue. Reminds me of Jilted and I think that has a better texture.

So umm....I'm glad I did this post because I just realized I have enough purple for the rest of my life. I really need to add one to a project pan. No more purple for me!

All swatches done with a brush sans primer. 

Do you like purple shadow? What's your favorite?