Monday, April 18, 2016

Afghan Recipes: Shorwa-E-Tarkari

I'm back with another recipe I tried. I've tried a couple of Afghan recipes and some of them I really love. Like this one! 

I found the recipe on a site called Afghan Kitchen Recipes.It's a very confusing recipe because the way it was written. Some of the ingredients don't match up with what's in the written section. So I ended up just doing whatever. 

I bought a bag of dried kidney beans and cooked them myself. You can always use a can, but I usually prefer to cook my own. If you do so, be sure to cook the kidney beans properly because if you don't you could end up really sick. Apparently kidney beans have a toxin that needs to be boiled out. But my beans came out excellent and no one got sick.

I love recipes that have veggies you have to chop up. It makes me feel like I'm really cooking! Oh, I also used a real tomato as opposed to canned. And added some garlic. 

I used chicken legs. It wasn't until I read the written part that I realized you could use lamb too, but chicken is cheaper where I live so I just used chicken. 

I love the spice in it, they are simple but coriander and turmeric are two of my very favorite spices. Especially turmeric because of its many health benefits!

Like I said, this recipe came out so good, I made it twice already. And I'm pinning it on my pinterest board of great recipe. I kind of wish I had some right now.

If you are looking a a comforting, healthy, soup to make-give it a try!