Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Perfect Palette 2 Tag

I really wanted to do the blush tag, but I actually haven't been using my blushes enough to really do that tag properly. day. For now, I bring you the Perfect Palette Tag 2nd edition. I did the first one not too long ago. I still have the same amount of palettes because I'm not buying anymore shadow until I use up 30. Yes, 30! So far I've finished 5. 

So let's get started!

1. Eyeliner, Brush, or Nothing- I'll take a liner please! I usually hate the brushes but use up the liners. I especially love getting the Urban Decay liners, but it seems they have quit including them.  Boooo!

2. A palette you have hit pan on- I hit pan on a shade in my Stilla Rockin' Rio palette, pretty much because I forced myself to. I hate that palette but I'm determined to get some use out of it. Otherwise, I haven't hit pan on anything else in a palette. Now singles- that's a different story! 

3. Favorite "Naked" palette- Too Faced Chocolate Bar. Has some great neutral shades and some pops of color. But the natural shades are perfect for an every day eye!

4. Favorite Holiday or Limited Edition Palette- Urban Decay Vice 2. A gift from my sister and I love it! I love it so much I don't use it. But I'm going to fix that. I need to not save things I love and actually get use out of them. There are some colors in it that I just want to last forever and ever.

5. A palette you would repurchase or wish you had a backup- I don't think any. I do love my Vice 2. But I also love trying out new shades. Now there are shades I wish I had backups of. But not the entire palette. 

6. A shade you wish was sold individually- Urban Decay Sonic. I discovered I loved it and haven't touched it since because I know I can't get it again. It's a red copper. A beautiful red copper. I'm going to wear it more though. Because...why not! When it's gone, I'm sure I'll find a new fave.

7.Most Used- Lately it's been my Naked. I'm trying to go back and review all the shades I'm reaching for it more. I love the bronze-y look I get from it.

8. Palette You Would Recommend to A Friend- I like fun, unique colors. But most of my friends don't. So I would play it safe and recommend the original Chocolate Bar. It's versatile and has a couple pops of color to keep most people happy. Otherwise, I would say get the Electric Palette. Life is too short for boring eye shadow!

And that's all! That was actually much easier than the first tag. Now to get my act together so I can do the blush tag!