Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wrinkles are Beautiful

The influences that social media has is fascinating. It's changing a lot of things. Mostly I think it drives a bunch of mindless consumerism, and emphasizes "buy, buy,buy", rather than learning new techniques. But lately I've noticed that more and more youtube "beauty gurus" are delving into the world of botox, fillers, and extreme photoshopping. And I mean extreme photoshopping. I'm not a heavy Instagram user but I've stumbled on people that photoshop their pics so much they don't even look human anymore. They almost appear to look like aliens with odd shaped heads. Or they smooth and blur the skin so much it doesn't even look like skin anymore. 

But anyway, back to the Botox and Fillers. The ladies I mostly see with Botox and Fillers are starting as early as their 20's. That is just plain ridiculous. They call it "preventative Botox." But in my opinion, it prevents nothing and even makes people look much older than they are. Botox freezes the face. expressive. If you ever observe children at the playground or telling a story, you will find they make a lot of expressions. Botox takes away the ability to make expressions. You ever see someone that has it tell you a story? Their surprised face is exactly like their angry face, which is exactly like every other face they make. It's bizarre. Nothing youthful about that.

And Botox never makes anyone look younger. A forty year old doesn't all the sudden look twenty again because they have Botox. Again, they just have the frozen face that makes me think they must be older than they are. Not to mention all of the things that go wrong with it. Botox has side effects.  But most people don't look into it too much.

Not to mention if it's done wrong, it looks terrible. I was watching an awards show a couple months ago with Taraji Henson. I love Taraji...but the whole time I kept wondering what the heck happened to her face. She looked surprised the entire show. Her eyebrows were almost at her hairline. It was terrible. I really hope she quits the Botox because she looks a million times better without it!

And fillers seem to be gaining popularity. As you get older you lose volume in the face and people seem to be using fillers for everything. A lot of people I've seen with it get this stretched puffy look to the skin..the ones I can think of off the top of my head are Kim Kardashian, Lil' Kim, and Megan a few youtubers but I won't name names. I think once the skin is stretched out, you have to keep filling it up because it looks saggy and empty if you don't. But that's just my theory. As for lip fillers....I'm a firm believer that everyone is born with the lips they were meant to have. Whatever your lip size, they are perfect!

I almost think many of the people that do have these things done tend remind me of the capital people from the Hunger Games. Idle people with nothing better to do than get plastic surgery to look more ridiculous than the next. Mindless people that were excited to watch children die in a game. Maybe that's a little harsh. But I feel if you have nothing better to do than to dwell on a couple lines on the face, you need a hobby. There's a connection I'm try to make but I don't think I'm doing a good job, so I'll move on!

What's wrong with aging with grace? Check out Cicely Tyson, age 91.

And Betty White, Age 94.

Both have wrinkles and they are both beautiful!

I find it's the attitude that changes the way I perceive age. Grumpy, bitter people always seem old. But if I see someone happy and smiling I perceive them to be younger. Which brings me to hearing people complain about smile lines. The easiest way to get rid of smile lines is to smile. There are people that actually try to go through life...not smiling. Because they are worried about a little line that shows the world you've laughed, popping up. It's unbelievable to me. Plus smiling is beautiful...and everyone has beautiful smile. I love seeing happy people!

I've already seen a couple vids where the guru mentions something they've had done and you see comments like "OMG! YASS! I NEED THAT DONE TOO!". And it makes me sad. I truly think that everyone is naturally beautiful and doesn't need any sort or botox/fillers. Embrace your face!

And just for with wrinkles that I think are sexy!

 Shemar Moore
 Morris Chestnut
Channing Tatum

There are countless more but I think that's enough rambling for today!!