Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DIY Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover

I've had great luck with making my own deodorant so I thought I would start making other things. I didn't use eye makeup remover to often. In the early days I just used good ol' baby oil. But once I ran out of the bottle I had, I never repurchased. I don't like the idea of using so much mineral oil on my skin. Then I went through removers from L'oreal, Almay, and N.Y.C. But it's one of those things I pretty much hate purchasing. Most times I just use whatever face wash I'm using to wash off makeup ..but it's defitnely easier with an oil-based remover.

So awhile back I bought this gigantic thing of coconut oil. But I bought the wrong one. I wanted cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil, but I bought expeller-pressed, refined coconut oil. So I've been trying to use it up. And this is a good way to do so.

I find coconut oil as a moisturizer to clog pores and cause acne, but it doesn't affect my skin at all when I use it as a makeup remover. Mine stays solid in the winter and semi-solid in the summer. Depending on the weather, your consistency will vary- but I don't find it affects anything.

I just melt the oil. The microwave works well but I usually just submerge it in some hot water. 

I pour it in my small container. Small, because I think it's better to make a small batch rather than a large one. It just gets icky in bigger batches. I add a little Jamaican Black Castor Oil, because castor oil is conditioning and promotes lash growth. I also add a drop of rosemary and lavender essential oil. Rosemary promotes hair growth also. And I add lavender because I add lavender to pretty much everything. I would recommend researching essential oils just to make sure you are comfortable adding them to eye makeup remover. I haven't had any problem so far.

Then I pop it in the fridge until it's solid and I'm good to go. It removes everything in a flash while conditioning my lashes. I've been using it awhile and I actually did get a teeny bit of lash growth. Nothing too crazy but I was happy with it!

I just massage it in my eye area and then wash my face as normal. 

I probably will try other oils down the line, like sweet almond and olive oil but I will stick this one out until I've depleted the entire jar.