Monday, May 30, 2016

Frank Ocean

I heard about Frank Ocean's "personal life" way before I heard any of his actual music. I don't listen to the radio much so I can be kind of slow to catch on to the newest music. I was listening to iTunes radio when Thinking of You came on. I didn't love the song immediately. It was probably about the second time I listened to it. Then I had to download it immediately. It's been one of my favorite songs ever since.

It made me curious about his other music. Which did not disappoint at all. I found a couple other songs that were immediate downloads. And some that were interesting to look up the meanings to. His lyrics go a lot deeper than most, which is one of the things I love about him. 

I now have a mini playlist of my Frank Ocean favorites.

They are:

Swim Good
Whip Appeal
Novacaine- He definitely covers darker subjects in his music, and he does it well in this and Swim Good

I think he came out with another CD recently that's on my check it out list. We need more artists like Frank. I really love his name too...Frank Ocean.