Friday, May 6, 2016

Grey/Silver Eyeshadow Swatches (Collection)

I'm attempting to make puff pastry and I think I may be a little above my baking skill level. Especially since the other day I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on onion flat bread. I didn't realize I had grabbed the onion flat bread because who buys onion flavor? My mom. That's who. It was disgusting and not a mistake I will be making again. I'm just hoping I don't mess up the pastry because I'm making a french dessert called Napoleons or Mille-Feuille. 

In between I thought I would do a post on all my grey/silver eyeshadows. I don't wear either too often as grey and silver tend to look a little too cool on my skin. Plus silver is a going out color on me. It usually looks like too much unless I wear it alone.

So let's get started.

1. Stila Bossa Nova- This is a grayish/taupe kind of color. I do like the color. It's just a bit hard to pair sometimes.

2. Stila Carnavale- A Deep grayish blue. The next three colors look crazy similar in a swatch.I guess deep gray doesn't really distinguish itself on my skin tone.

3. Smashbox Obsidian- Much smoother than the Stila one. But I've never actually worn it.

4. Urban Decay Barracuda- One of my favorite deep grey colors with a hint of blue. Looks better on my eye than swatched.

5. Urban Decay Defy- It appears matte in the palette but it seems to have some satin sheen to it. I've 
used it before but don't remember being particularly impressed. Doesn't go on how it looks in the pan.  

6. Urban Decay Revolt- The odd one out in the Electric palette. Hard to use with a brush but it's a brilliant silver color. It's a true silver.

7. Smashbox Asteroid- A pretty slightly steel grey. Haven't used it but looking at the swatch I'm tempted.

8. Smashbox Gypsy- Another deep grey with shimmer. It looks like a lot of my other grey shades.

9. Smashbox Smoke- Probably my only truly matte grey color. Goes on patchy so I swatched with my fingers. It doesn't go on patchy with a brush.

10. Urban Decay Gunmetal- The odd one out in the Naked palette. I don't use it too much but it is nice but not my favorite. I favor Urban Decay Barracuda over this.

11. Urban Decay Vaporize- A grayish brown. I love this color. These are my absolute favorite grey shades.

12. Urban Decay Shellshock- Another brilliant silver. Great for a night out but kind of creamy so it sometimes transfers like crazy.

13. Urban Decay Grip- One of the worst pigmented Urban Decay shades ever. It doesn't even look grey on me. Most times it looks brown. 

14. Urban Decay Low- a purplish grey. Lovely color but it has the worst texture ever. Only works with fingers. I finger swatched this one. 

All swatches done with a brush on bare skin unless otherwise noted.

Not a whole heap of grey, but a lot considering I don't wear grey often.

And now I've got to go turn my pastry!