Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Essential Oil Collection

I've been into more natural oils for a little while now. It all started with The Body Shop's Tea Tree oil, which I reviewed a couple years ago. I actually didn't even really like that oil. It came pre-diluted, but I soon realized I could buy pure Tea Tree and just dilute it myself. And into the essential oil rabbit oil I fell. I bought bottles of lime, tangerine, grapefruit, tea tree, and lavender. That was a couple years ago. I used those bottles up. I don't even remember how I used them but apparently I did. I've since bought more essential oils. I love reading about them and learning what they are good for. These days I mostly use them to diffuse on an oil burner because they smell really nice!

This is my collection.

1. Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil- I didn't always love the scent of Lavender but it has really grown on me in the last couple of years. It's a very relaxing, pleasant scent and I love adding it to any body care products I make. It's very calming and relaxing so it's great to smell before bedtime. I don't find this very strong in the diffuser though, but maybe I need to try adding more?

2. The Botanical Societies Lemongrass- I love the scent of Lemongrass. This one is strong and smells so uplifting! I paid $7 for it at TJ MAXX. I've never heard of this company and can't find a website for them. I really wish they would give more information on the oil, like where it's from and the Latin name.  This is a nice one to add to bath water.

3. Tisserand Eucalyptus Oil- I paid $5 for this one from TJ Maxx. I love it mixed with Lavender, Grapefruit, and Peppermint. Recently I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I inhaled this a couple times and my sore throat felt better almost immediately. I did the same the next day and never even got sick. I love Eucalyptus. 

4. The Botanical Societies Peppermint- Peppermint essential oil is amazing. It banishes headaches. I just inhale it a couple times and my headache runs for the hills. It also helped settle my stomach not too long ago. And I used it to stay alert when I drove from Maryland to South Carolina at night. When I felt myself getting drowsy I inhaled this and it perked me right up. I love peppermint oil and will never be without this one! I don't remember how much I paid for this one.

5. The Botanical Societies Rosemary- Rosemary smells very medicinal, but it's supposed to be excellent for stimulating hair growth. I've been using it lately in my eye makeup remover to see if I can get some growth, But otherwise I don't use it much. It's an excellent oil though so I'm going to try to use it more. I paid $6 for this one.

6. Plantlife Allspice- This is not a very popular oil but I love the way it smells. It smells like...all spice! It's supposed to be great for pain relief but it can be irritating to the skin so it is best diluted. I got this for $2 on clearance! It was too good a deal to pass up.

7. Aura Cacia Sweet Orange- This is sold in my local healthy grocery store. Aura Cacia oils are nicely priced and you can always print a $1 coupon. Which is what I do. I paid a little less than $3 for this. It smells exactly like an orange and is delicious diffused. Love it! I love how much information they give on the website too! 

8. Tisserand Tea Tree- Tea Tree is a very clean smelling oil. You can use it for cleaning and it's great on all types of wounds. This works so much better for me than The Body Shop one. A lot of people use it as a spot treatment on acne. I haven't had much luck using it that way but it's worth trying. 

9.The Botanical Societies Pathcouli- I love patchouli mixed with almost anything. It's a very unique scent. I love to add this to the diffuser. Smells delicious! I paid $6 for it, which is a steal because Patchouli is a more expensive oil. 

10. Aura Cacia Lime- I love the scent of Lime and this one smells exactly like a Lime. I tend to use this as a room spray. It's very freshening and uplifting. 

11. Grapefruit Essential Oil- I have no idea where I got this. It was a nice large quantity for a nice price. I think I ordered it from a wholesale supplier. It smells just like grapefruit should.  I love to mix it in with different things. Definitely a fave..I just wish it had a dropper!

So there you have it! My little collection. There are more I want  (lemon, frankincense, etc) but I do want to read and learn more about the ones I have and how I can use them. As always, essential oils should be researched before use. Be careful applying them to your body, and never ingest them!

Have you tried essential oils? How do you use them? Which are your faves?