Friday, May 27, 2016

You Have Really Nice Skin!!

For years I've had a really distorted view of what that meant. I thought nice skin was "perfect" skin. No blemishes, clear, bright, smooth, and even. Like a child's skin. So when I would get the compliment " You have really nice skin", I would always say "Thanks..but I'm wearing makeup." 

I get the occasional breakout. A little less often now that I'm older, but they always leave unsightly pigmentation. Some people are lucky and the mark fades right away, but mine tend to stick around awhile. They have been fading a little more quickly with some of the soaps and oils I've been using but the older ones are a bit more stubborn. They are mostly on my chin and for the most part they still peek through makeup. I tend to use medium coverage and put it on very lightly. I don't stress about it to much, but I still never thought I had very nice skin. 

Until, I realized most people don't have perfect skin. Not even celebrities with access to the most expensive procedures like lasering treatments and very high priced facials. I saw a couple of pictures of some celebrities with some not so smooth skin...larger pores, and cakey/bumpy makeup. And this will sound kind of bad..but I felt better about my skin. I realized the only thing you really can do is drink plenty of water and cleanse and moisturize. Especially important if you are a makeup wearer. 

It wasn't only that, that changed my way of thinking. I was watching a tutorial on 80's makeup and I noticed the model had very large pores. They were very visible. And when I scrolled down in the comments I saw a comment that complimented the models beautiful skin. And I saw a reply to the comment mentioning the large could the commenter think the model had beautiful skin when she had large pores? The original commenter said her skin was still beautiful...doesn't matter about the pores. And I agree. She had a lovely skin-tone and her skin was very even-toned! 

And I love makeup. But I'm not a fan of cake face at all or when it's used to mask the skin. In fact, I prefer natural skin with hyper pigmentation and unevenness  before I like the mask-like appearance. And I think people with a lot of redness are lucky, it's like having natural blush! 

I've changed my definition of beautiful skin and also my way of thinking. And I'm much happier for it. Blemishes and all! 

What do you think?