Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Makeup Videos that Taught Me Something

Nowadays if you want to learn to apply makeup, most people will direct you to youtube. Which I've definitely learned a lot from. I've learned correct ways to apply makeup, and also learned some not so correct ways to apply. These are just a couple of videos that really helped me correct something I may have been doing wrong. Of course, there aren't any rules to makeup- but really there kind of are. 

1. Jordan Liberty's Why You Shouldn't Contour with Bronzer- I'm not into contouring. Most days it doesn't even cross my mind to do it. That's because it can be quite difficult. Especially when a lot of beauty influencers mix up contour and bronzing. Contour should be cool or gray toned and bronzer should be warm. It's basic art. You wouldn't see a painter using warm colors to create shadow, which is the same principe for your face. Contour and Bronze are not interchangeable, although Bronzing can help bring a little bit of dimension into the face. This video drove that concept home for me. Plus I just really love watching Jordan Liberty and think he does some beautiful editorial work. He's currently working with Anastasia and also has some great vids on their youtube channel. 

2. Lisa Eldridge Bronzed Contoured & Highlighted Makeup Look- Before I started watching Lisa Eldridge I thought Bronzer had to be a very obvious streak of bronze on the face. I spent a lot of time looking for something that would really show up on my skin and be visible. There are a lot of people on youtube that wear very visible, muddy looking bronzer and for awhile I thought that's what it was supposed to look like. This video helped put the bronze look into perspective for me. I want my bronzer to look like something the sun actually did, not product. The model in the video is definitely not anywhere near my skintone, so I had a little trouble adapting this to a shade of bronzer that would work for me, but the technique is the same. It's crazy how much the model looks like Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones too! I've learned so much from Lisa Eldridge I could almost post all her vids, but this is one that had the most impact.

3. Robert Jones How to Curl Your Eyelashes- I seem to always have a lash curler, but I never use it. I just could never figure out the point. I have a natural curl to my lashes anyway. But this video really made me see the impact a curler can have. He basically uses lash curlers and Maybelline Lash Discovery and creates great lashes. It takes time, but it can be done. I tend to prefer natural lashes over falsies unless they are expertly applied and this really shows how to get those va-va-voom lashes. Love it!

4. Robert Jones Learning Makeup Theory Using the Color Wheel- This is another video that really helped. I already spoke about this video on another post. I found a lot of time my colors would clash, and this video helped me figure out why. If you are into makeup, learning cool and warm colors is a pretty much a must to avoid clown face.

6. Nars Cosmetics Radiance Redefined:Sheer Glow Foundation- This video gives me skin envy. The model has gorgeous skin and I love how the artist used minimal foundation/concealer to enhance her skin. My skin is nowhere near as flawless but I like the idea of using less foundation. There was a point where I felt I was going a bit heavier, but now that I've lightened up on it, I like my skin a lot better.

I've only picked five this go around, but these are definitely the ones that have helped changed the way I apply my makeup. What are some vids you love?