Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beauty Brands I Want To Try

I thought this would be a good post to do since I already did a post of brands that are on my no-buy list.

There are a ton of brands I want to try out. I noticed that for awhile I was just stuck on Too Faced/Urban Decay, but there are so many more brands that have a lot to offer on my list too. I find that I'm more interested in brands that don't engage in social media advertising since I feel quality of those brands have really fallen. Especially if they are products that have been sent out to every beauty influencer. But that's another story entirely. 

1. Viseart- Every review I've seen of the French brand Viseart have been raving about the excellent quality. I mostly want to try their eyeshadows. Especially their Dark Matte or Bright Editorials palette. The only drawback is the price....$80. You can get them on sale but they are still quite expensive. I don't need any shadows at the moment but when I use up at least 30 of what I have, I think I will be picking one of these up. 

2. Inglot- I've heard a lot about the Polish brand Inglot. They have reasonable prices and one of the largest range of colors in eyeshadow I have ever seen. They also seem to offer a decent color range. When I lived in Germany I really wanted to take a trip to one of the stores but never got around to it. Ah well.

3. AJ Crimson- I came across his line on a professional beauty supply site and have done a little research into them. He has an excellent selection for deeper skin tones and every review I have seen says they are super blendable and a dream to work with and wear. I don't need any foundation for awhile but this is definitely on my list to try. 

4. La Femme- I mostly want to try their blushes. I've seen quite a few raves for them. The best thing about them is the price. Under $4. Can't beat that. And they have an amazing range.

5. Hourglass- I really want to try the ambient lighting powders. So many people have raved over them, that I'm ready to try them for myself. They are quite pricy so I won't be getting them anytime soon, but one day.

6. Ben Nye- Ben Nye is a stage makeup brand. They have everything from special effects to everyday makeup. I really want to try out their blush wheel. I've only tried out one cream blush and the wheel looks like a great deal. I also would love to get my hands on the shadows and foundations too.

7. Kryolan- Another professional beauty brand...the shadows just call out to me. I just really want to get my hands on the pro stuff!

8. Iman, Black Opal, Black Up, Fashion Fair, Shea Moisture- I want to try out more beauty products geared toward brown skin tones. I have had a couple Fashion Fair products but I could definitely expand the range of things I have tried. 

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills- I thought this was a social media brand at first. It wasn't until I saw Jordan Liberty doing vids for them that I became interested. I love the colors in their newest Modern Renaissance palette (the packaging is ugly though!). I definitely want to try it for myself.

10. Lorac- I have an eye primer from Lorac, but I really want to try their eye shadows. So many people seem to love them, that I want to try them for myself. They are kind of at the bottom of my list because they tend to have so many cream/white shades which I don't really use, but I will probably end up trying them out one of these years. 

11. Sugarpill- Their bright colors are right up my alley. I have a couple brights that I want to use up first, but they are definitely on my list to try. Especially for those lovely loose pigments. 

12. RCMA- I need to try their setting powder. I haven't come across any setting powder that I really love so I would love to try theirs. They also have a range of pro products I want to try. 

13. Bdellium Tools- There brushes are very nicely priced and they have a wide range. It's just hard for me to forget about wanting MAC brushes. I do need a 217 dupe and a few more angled brushes so I think I might make the leap. 

14. Makeup Atelier Paris- If it's made in France- I want it. I really want to try this brand because it reminds me of Makeup Forever and I love their tutorials on youtube. Can't wait to get my hands on some of their stuff. It's sold on Beautylish now. Before I had no idea how to get my hands on it.

Quite the list! What are some brands you would like to get your hands on?