Monday, July 11, 2016

Jojoba Oil as Facial Moisturizer Review

As you might already know, I've been experimenting with different oils. I was definitely afraid of using oils directly on my skin as I am prone to an occasional breakout and I already have oily/combination skin. But then I would turn around and purchase moisturizers that would advertise jojoba, almond, and other oils. I figured why not skip all the added junk and just the use the oils straight. Here's my experience with Jojoba oil.

Crafter's Choice claims:
Jojoba oil is thought to act as a moisturizer & emollient agent to improve skin elasticity and suppleness. It contains natural Vitamin E to minimize oxidation. 
Is actually not oil but rather an array of wax esters. Moisturizes skin while providing a soft, silky feel. Thought to improve skin elasticity and suppleness. Contains natural Vitamin E. Penetrates quickly - one of the “driest“ natural oils available. All Natural. Expeller Pressed. From Israel.

I ordered this oil from for $8 for 2 oz. Jojoba Oil is one of the more expensive ones. Actually it's not even an oil at all. More like a liquid wax. It's a great oil to use on oily skin because it's closest to the natural sebum skin produces. Many people experience a decrease in their oil production when using Jojoba because the skin is already moisturized which signals to the skin to stop producing so much oil. I defnitely doubted that at first. But in my experience it has been true. My skin has been so much less oily lately. It still gets a glowy look to it, but it's a healthy skin glow. Who needs highlighter when your skin is glowing naturally?

One of my favorite things about it is how quickly it absorbs. I've only been using a little bit in the daytime and use my Rosehip Oil at night since it's oilier and too heavy for the summer months. Other oils tend to look oily later in the day and I don't have that problem with this one. It truly absorbs. 

It hasn't made my skin break out..and I have read a couple reviews where people say it has helped with acne, but I have also read some people say it made it worse. 

I've read that Jojoba oil has a scent, but this has none that I could detect. After awhile I did add some allspice essential oil to give it a scent. The allspice made it smell spicy and smoky and made it more enjoyable to use for me. I love the scent of allspice! 

I went with the Golden Jojoba oil since it is a bit less refined. 

I also put it in an old bottle from Aura Cacia to make it easier to use, since it has a pump. 

So far I love it and think it's going to be a staple, at least for summer months when my skin is way more oily. I would probably buy from a different source if I were to order again since I don't think Crafters Choice has the best prices after shipping for me. I would probably pick it up at my local health store or order from Iherb in the future. 

I think I will mix some into some Shea Butter and see how it works on my hair. Have you used Jojoba Oil? Did you like it? 

I found this vid on how Jojoba Oil is made and thought I would share if you were interested. Check it out!