Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Eshkana-E-Miwa (Furit Soup)

I love cooking foods from different countries. Lately, I've been making soups from Afghanistan and I have found some GREAT recipes. 

This is the only one so far that was extremely different from anything else I've ever had before. It's a soup made from mostly dried fruits with an egg cooked in. Unfortunately i could find much more information than that on the soup. Usually when I google the name it comes up with all different variations of the same recipe. This had nothing.

It was very different. And although there was no meat in it, it definitely had a "meat" taste. A sweet meat taste. I wouldn't say it was nasty, just extremely different and hard to get used to for me 
 My sister actually really liked it. So I'm glad at least one person really liked it.

If you leave out the egg, it is easily vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Other than that, it was fun to cook and try something different. But when I'm in the mood for an Afghan soup I will probably just stick to the other recipes I love that are tried and true for me. 

If you are in the mood for something different, it is worth trying. 

Click here for the recipe.