Monday, September 12, 2016

Fitness Update: My Fitness Coach Program Complete

It has actually been almost a week since I finished the program. Well, not really a true program. Just about fifty or so workouts. It doesn't have a true time limit. Your'e just supposed to stick with the program everyday for the rest of your life. But I need variety. Cause variety is the spice of life!

The program features different workouts that focus on flexibility, yoga, upper body, lower body, and core. I just rotated them all evenly. You can also pick the time ranging from 15 minutes to over and hour and a half. I mostly chose the 15 minutes, occasionally the 30 minute because those fifteen minutes could be grueling. Then I would pop something like Just Dance in to burn additional calories. 

The yoga was especially challenging and that's definitely where I improved the most. I would use things like a step bench, stability ball, and hand weights. They do have different location backgrounds and music. But they all kind of...suck. I prefer my own music. But if you must listen to it, the house music was the best. 

The exercises aren't very easy to follow. She doesn't really explain them very well. And sometimes it's hard to imitate a move and keep your eyes on the screen at the same time. I had to use outside sources to check yoga poses because I definitely was not doing them right. 

It's an old game. But it could definitely use a lot of improvement. 

The best thing about it is the variety. You don't do the same moves everyday. It's enough variety to keep me occupied for about a month or two.

I didn't lose a pound (in fact i probably gained). But that's my fault. I've been eating turnovers. Apple Turnovers,  Strawberry and Cream turnovers in homemade puff pastry dough made with lots and lots of real BUTTER. So yeah. 

But that's OK. I definitely got a little more fit, a bit more flexible, and gave my heart a good workout. 

My total on the game is 60 workouts. Next time it comes around I think I will go exclusively for 30 minute workouts and complete about forty. 

NIKE Kinect workout program coming up next. Think I'll start next week!